9 real ways of knowing if a girl likes you

by Uttara Manohar

Still stuck in the she-loves-me or she-loves-me-not phase? Here are some suggestions which will guide you with some ways to know if a girl likes you. Have a look and kiss your worries goodbye.
She looked at him with fluttering eyelashes, and flushed cheeks as he sat at a table nearby wondering whether she was really looking at him. After about two minutes she started playing with her hair and was staring directly at him with the dreamiest look he had ever seen. Convinced that this was it, he walked up to her and said, “Hi I’m Josh. Care to join me for a cup of coffee?” Totally taken aback by this, the girl looked at him and said, “Hi. I’m Monica, and sorry I can’t have coffee with you, I’m waiting for my boyfriend. He’ll be here, any minute now.”

It is always far more convenient and easy for guys to have certain set signs and symptoms that will confirm whether a girl is interested or not, but let me break this to you right now. No matter how much she flutters her eyelashes, or plays with her hair, you can never know for sure whether she likes you, unless she says so. Remember, the first rule to follow if you want to find out whether a girl likes you, is not to use generalized signs and symptoms to figure her out – every girl is different.


Here are some of the signs that have been popularized over the years as ‘surefire ways to know whether a girl likes you’. Some of these might seem a bit silly, although people claim that these work. Personally, I think these are not applicable to every girl that you meet. Making inferences about a girl’s feelings merely by the way she looks at you or by the way she flutters her eyes might seem very romantic and mushy, just like they show in the movies, but then again, if all the things shown in the romantic chick flicks would come true, life would be a piece of cake. Here are five silliest clichéd ‘signs that a girl likes you’.

  • She plays with her hair while talking to you or while looking at you. (Really? Well it could be that she is using the Dove hair conditioner that makes you want to touch your hair… haven’t seen the ad eh?)
  • She touches her neck. (Seriously? What if she has a stiff neck that’s hurting real bad?)
  • She looks at you with dreamy eyes and looks at your lips. (Well, about the dreamy thing, make sure it is not dope and as for your lips, may be you have some ketchup or mustard from that sandwich you ate for lunch on them!)
  • She laughs at every joke you make even if it’s a crappy one. (Well, maybe she is just being polite).
  • She blushes when she sees you. (Maybe she remembers some silly joke that her friend told her about you)

Well, it is said that non-verbal cues say a lot, but then non-verbal cues like these are indications of temporary physical attraction which might not necessarily mean the possibility of a meaningful relationship.

My Version

In case the girl really likes you, here are some of the behavioral patterns that might get you closer to knowing what she feels. Remember, body language cues are more about physical attraction than long-term commitments and relationships. If you are one of those people who value every relationship in their lives, then physical attraction can only be a part of what you are looking for. In the end it is the emotional connection and compatibility that matters the most. Look for the following signs to know whether a girl seriously likes you:

  • She can talk, talk and talk about anything under the sun with you.
  • She never ever ignores you. She pays attention to you whenever you speak and never turns down an offer to spend time with you (unless of course she has a genuine reason).
  • She never tries to pretend when she’s around you. She is herself, which means she’s comfortable with you.
  • She is always helpful to you. She will go out of the way to help you out with your work without ever complaining and when you thank her, she’ll tell you you’d rather not.
  • She is the first one to congratulate you on your achievements or any special occasion.
  • She encourages you and supports you when you are feeling low. She’s the one who says don’t worry I’ll always be there for you and sticks to her word.
  • She calls you to say goodnight, and makes sure you have the sweetest dream ever.
  • She is genuinely concerned about your health and even snaps at you for not eating right or not taking care of yourself.
  • She enjoys chatting with you for hours together and discusses her experiences and her dreams with you.
  • Instead of passing flattering compliments, she’ll be honest with you and tell you what she likes as well as dislikes about you.
  • She doesn’t hesitate to share her long terms dreams and aspirations with you. When she talks about her future, she mentions you in it.

If you think these steps will help you know if a girl likes you, you might also want to read signs that a guy likes you, just to check if you’re sending out the right signals to her as well. Good luck!

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