Ahahonu Kingsley: What you can do to support the World Earth Day

by Ahahonu Kingsley

Earth Day NigeriaThe earlier we realised that the energy required to maintain our habitat would be far insignificant compared to the inconveniences that our irresponsibility shall invoke, the better for all of us.

Every April 22, the world marks the World Earth Day. This is a day set aside by the United Nations specifically to draw attention to the awkward depletion given the innate serenity of the earth; a consequence of man’s insensitivity.

The very idea of the Earth Day began with John Mcconnell in 1969.

But the postulation as viewed from an environmental point was first begun by Senator Gaylord Nelson of the United States in April 22,1970; a day adopted as its memorial.

Since the inception of this memorial, the world has continued to observe it with such commitment as offered a strategic ritual. But how many have come to know the significance; how many have come to appreciate the existence of this day and how many have even gone further in task to reflect the very message it proffers?

The earth, we must know, is very crucial to life; the existence, the sustenance and the very essence of life depend on the values that mother earth offers. We might not understand it or we might be totally disingenuous about this fact but regardless, the reality of its basic role abounds.

The very importance of the earth highlights the significant role deserving of man to it. Man must know that he owes so heavily to this reality upon which he subsists and must, as such, endeavour to commit himself to its sustenance — if he desires the enablement it affords.

When I look at the mutilation that men offer the very stratum that defines their beings and the destruction they continually subject it to, I cry at the ignorance of man; I weep at the ignorance of his slow but sure act of suicide.

Constantly, we are drawn even as we hear of cases of environmental degradation. We consciously and unconsciously, by our acts of insensitivity push further the carnage caused to our world, the earth that holds and sustains us.

In Nigeria, the discovery of oil brought with it boom in fortunes as well as the attendant woes that have bestridden us. The people of Ogoni in particular and the Niger Delta region as a whole have become the victims of an obvious disregard for the sustaining values of mother earth.

In the rainforest region, we have consistently messed up the very buffer nature has availed us by felling of trees and other acts of deforestation. In the far North, we are inundated with the heating reality of desert encroachment. All these call for our making a redirecting step to cushion the exploitation and save the fast coming doom.

Today, we hear of climate change; the expressive feel of greenhouse effect, which itself is an apt reflection of man’s ingratitude to the very bedrock that drives his existence. Unabashedly and at will, we emit gases, spill oil, burn grasses, cut down trees, smoke, throw out non-biodegradable substances, and these are done indiscriminately and without regard to the evolving consequences.

In destroying the earth, man, willy nilly sets himself at edge. In building and helping to safeguard his environment, man aids in sustaining the process that empowers his life and brings out his statutory essence as a living being. This is the focus of the World Earth’s Day, expressed succinctly.

In the 2015 celebration, we are reminded further to be responsible for our earth, our habitat. The little acts of disregard to environmental safety that add up to the earth’s destruction, we must quit therefrom.

We must learn to take the stress in keeping our environment clean and maintaining its stability.

The earlier we realised that the energy required to maintain our habitat would be far insignificant compared to the inconveniences that our irresponsibility shall invoke, the better for all of us.

You can start by not throwing indiscriminately that “pure water” satchet you are drinking! Oh, you don’t deal in “pure water”? You can properly dispose that bottle after you’re done gulping the liquid; it’s also an appreciable contribution to Mother Earth.

Safe Habitat, Happy Earth Day!


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