All we gathered on the Mayowa and Nelo unconsented sex tape story

by Toluwanimi Onakoya

More and more women over the past weeks have been coming out to share sexual allegations and their own sexual assault stories. This has come against the backdrop of the nationwide cry over the rape and murder of Uwa, and the sexual assault of Jennifer as well.

Yesterday, notable talent manager, Mayowa Balogun published a statement confessing that he had violated his former partner, Nelo, and had secretly recorded her during sex. Nelo, replied with a pointed statement, sharing her perspective and calling Mayowa manipulative for his actions.


Nelo, @KingNelo13, published her statement explaining her experience on what happened. She explains that the perpetrator, Mayowa Balogun @sweeegu, and herself had previously engaged in consensual sex while they were together. During the act, he taped them without her knowledge. She stumbled upon this fact the next day when she tried to record something on his phone and discovered that he had sent a “sex tape” of them to three of his contacts.

She confronted him about it and he had a supposed reaction of admittance of guilt. She claimed he manipulated her with his words and she eventually thought there was nothing wrong with what he had done. He had confessed to her that he was in a group chat where they constantly shared nude pictures and sex tapes of girls they’ve secretly recorded.

She claims she even gaslighted herself into thinking that it was okay, rationalising it as though she would have consented to a sex tape anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. She explains that it wasn’t until time had passed and she had started engaging in female empowerment activism did she realise that he violated her. She explains that even though she realised that he had assaulted her in a way, she refrained from bringing up the matter in the public space so it won’t reflect on him and the musicians he worked with. She shared her story in private, to empower girls she talked to.

She also proceeded to say he had made no attempts to warn her before releasing a statement. That he had in fact blocked her on all platforms and labelled her sharing her story as a form of “threat.”

Mayowa’s step to share a statement on the matter without talking to her about the issue since it happened, pushed her to bring it to the view of the public. She claims he has not only stripped her of her privacy but her ability to share her story.

Mayowa had earlier shared a statement detailing the encounter, which he has long deleted. He claimed he had been anxious about the event and felt the need to bring it to public light. He corroborates what she said and admits to guilt and regret. He claims he didn’t realise that what he did was wrong until the #MeToo movement and that even though he’s apologised to Nelo he still feels guilt and it has gotten to the point in which he feels the need to confess.


Many Twitter users showed remorse for Nelo and ushered a torrent of support. A lot of them accused Mayowa of being manipulative, for not reaching out to her first before posting the statement.


Some have even urged Nelo to seek justice by taking the matter to the court of law.


Some turned their gaze to Lady Donli, who had been accused in Nelo’s statement of knowing the events that took place and not doing anything about it. They express disappointment that Lady Donli continues to be represented by him.


There are others however, on the opposing fence saying there’s nothing wrong with what Mayowa did. That since she had already started sharing the story to others, it is only right that he gets to share it as well.


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