An Open Letter to Jama’atu Allis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad A.K.A Boko Haram

Many people brand you a ‘terrorist group’. But sincerely, I don’t know what you really are.

My name is El-Darlington Enereba and I am a Nigerian. Forgive me for writing to you through this medium but this is a last resort as I have no other or better means to reach out to you.

Akin to a few concerned persons, I think you are driven by a motivation, an unattended need, an ill-communicated ideology or demand which has occasioned your attacks on Nigeria and Nigerians in recent time. I believe there is a reason why you do what you do but I do not know this reason. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to know, chiefly because I am in no position to fulfil your demand(s), wish (es), or whatever it is you crave.

However, it is important to state in unequivocal terms that the ‘powers that be’ in perfect synch with the media, have bluntly refused to reveal the truth behind your existence, quest, goal, motivation, and ideology.

Many people brand you a ‘terrorist group’. But sincerely, I don’t know what you really are. And frankly, I don’t know those responsible for these unchecked well-coordinated bomb blasts, mayhem, and outright slaughter of our fellow humans; children and aged, men and women, boys and girls, Christians and Muslims, young and old, northerners and southerners. I do not know whether these attacks are executed by yourselves or a hijacked version. Apparently, with Boko Haram, it’s the more you look, the less you see.

I write this letter with a pained heart. I am depressed, displeased, dismayed, dishearten, in despair and in disarray. If majority would speak out sincerely, their psyche would be same as mine or relatively close.

 Shaibu is a Muslim who hails from the northern part of the country but lives in Asaba, Delta State. He wants you to know that he loves life in the South, his friends and family lives there, and do not wish to relocate to his local government of origin. A woman lost all four children and her lovely husband in one of the recent bomb blasts, and she didn’t get their bodies (remains) to bury. Emeka loves you and wish you love him in return. The list goes on, and on, and on.

Apparently, the ‘attention’ of the Federal Government is what you seek hence the massacre of her innocent and defenceless citizens. However, a perusal of the FG’s demeanour, lately, reveals that your yearning(s) is/are quite far from actualization. Rather, the Government is bracing up to send you into moribund island. This assumption might be wrong but do we care? The answer, no doubt, is a resounding NO! We just want to stay alive and live in peace in our own country. We all have turned into perpetual dreamers – continually dreaming of the day we would wake up to see one true and peaceful Nigeria.

We, in Mr President’s favourite words, the ‘ordinary Nigerians’ have died in vain. Over two hundred innocent souls have prematurely gone to the ‘great beyond’ and leaving over two hundred thousand other people in utter grief. How many more persons would be slaughtered to actualise your demand(s)? Maybe, just maybe, you are killing the wrong persons or making the wrong moves. Have you given this a serious thought? Will a “strategy change” not come in handy? Think about this for a while.

We go to bed hoping to hear the much anticipated news – that this menace has come to an end but we wake up to another spate of killings. However, with the knowledge that we shall, as one big family, survive all ‘setbacks’ no matter how severe, we shall stand together in unison and face our challenges as we look forward to a better tomorrow.

God/Allah bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Long live Nigeria! Long live Nigerians.

 El-Darlington XaintOsas Enereba

[email protected]

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  1. Allah knows I agree 100% with your submission and I do hope that the mujrimeen called boko haram will read and reflect. I am not a pessimist but I doubt if these criminals, dogs of hell will take heed to an excellent call as yours. They are the furtherest people from the sunnah and the only way to deal with them is to anihilate them. Osama bin Laden was given many chances but he never took heed, they won't either. I pray that the ALMIGHTY KNOWER OF THE UNSEEN BREAKS THEIR BACKS.

  2. let me first thank the writer, and to state it cleared that the so called Boko Haram's are not Illiterates, many of them are Phd holders in many of our Universities and abroad, even d current leader Abubakar Shekau was a Lecturer. But the problem is that they were taught about Islamic wrongly due to the neglection of religion in Nigerian constitution while all of us agreed that we belong to either one of the two major religions,assuming there's a Ministry that is guiding us religiously all this would have not happen.

  3. Pls i have some ques'to aks B.H are they after there members tobe free or they want to islamise nigerians like what we had from international news.and if they want to islamise the nation.who send them to do so coz this not a teach of ISLAM eving prop'muh s.a.w in his life time there nothing like we dont know were B.H get there again if they call this as jihad.what about the killing of the muslims?what kind of jihad is when muslims start killing there self as jihad.pls let this game stop.why our govt are deceiving us?may Allah help us!

  4. These people are totally consumed by extreme bitterness and hatred. Theres no preaching that will disuade them from killing. They will always kill to satisfy their blood thirsty apetite. The only solution to this menace is to bring them to book.

  5. @El Darlington, dat was a very nice composition by you. God wil surely reward u, u are d government i know. Government dat treasure d life of his people. God knws best, Allahu Alama.

  6. Well  I think the group has done enough damage τ̅☺ this country. They have been able τ̅☺ put this country into chaos which is more like the nation is @war.  I think they shd put stop τ̅☺ their activities cos God/Allah is not happy with them. I'm not sure they are muslims bcos what they are doing is very unislamical. May Allah help the country and make peace reign in Nigeria.

  7. Illiteracy is a disease. Government should be sure to add free education package to what ever terms they will eventually agree with the boko harams.

  8. "Over two hundred innocent souls have prematurely gone to the ‘great beyond’ and leaving over two hundred thousand other people in utter grief."

    Correction: Boko Haram has killed over a thousand people since they started their murderous rampage.

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