Babyface bandit: 15-year-old arrested for bank robbery (PICTURED)

The name Tahiem could just as easily be the rich and prophetic name of a straight A student or chess champion from a strong afrocentric family.  But this is not the case in New York, since the name Tahiem Hart belongs to a 15-year old bank robber.   The little man with a baby face was busted in the Bronx after he allegedly robbed a bank.

The young man had not learned about some of the technological advances that are designed to stop robberies, however.  The dye pack that was planted in the money bag literally blew up in the boy’s face right outside the Amalgamated Bank branch in New York City.

The boy told the teller that he had a bomb, scribbling the words onto a piece of paper, according to a source.  The teller put the dye pack in a roll of bills, which led to the boy’s arrest.

Taheim had only taken $1,000, hardly a sum large enough to justify years in prison.

“Police officers ran over quickly and started picking up all the red bills,” a nearby store owner told the New York Post. “These kids today are so stupid. How did he think he could get away with robbing a bank? The teller was very smart to do what she did.”

Maybe Tahiem will learn a few things in jail that will help him to get his life together.

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  • F Solomon says:

    How is dis a nigerian news? It's got nothing 2 do with nigeria at all. I think it high time I stopped following u and ur "copy & paste" journalism.

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