#BBNaija: Bisola is the star of tonight’s presentation, housemates eat more yucky food + more highlights

It’s Day 32 in the Big Brother House!

In line with the theme of the week, Fears, Phobias and Superstitions, housemates were tasked to present plays based on the childhood superstitious stories they shared yesterday. Remember that they split into two groups yesterday for this? No? Okay, quick catch up.

Head of House split the housemates into two groups for this play presentation task and also chose two group leaders. So, Group ThinTallTony has Kemen, Bally, Uriel, Marvis and Debie-Rise and Group Bassey has Efe, TBoss, Ese, Bisola and Jon.

To add beauty and spice to their presentations, Biggie sent in a box of accessories to the store room for the housemates to work with as they prepared for the 7pm presentation.

Then, it was time for some yuckiness again as Biggie reminded the housemates that their secrets were not safe with him if they refused to eat from the platter of disgusting meals served to them. Recall that they were made to write out their secrets on Tuesday and Biggie had threatened to share those secrets if they didn’t eat the food. Today again in the arena, Biggie served a variety of “disgusting delicacies” – octopus, clams, boiled seaweed, squid tentacles – literally everything that could leave your digestive tract in a total mess. This time, some of the housemates had gained more courage in downing their food especially since this time, it wasn’t about the individuals. Biggie warned that if one of them failed, then it meant failure for all. TBoss still found it hard to live with this horror but she pulled through. Biggie told the housemates they were getting another serving but it turned out a joke.

At their superstition-themed presentation, the housemates did so well and yet again, impressed Biggie. However the star of the night was Bisola for her ability to perfectly interpret roles. And Biggie is not the only one who is impressed…

See what the viewers think:

So after all said, the housemates won their 100% wager and it was all joy and pure excitement when Biggie announced this through the speakers. Biggie is also happy they pulled through all the scary moments and disgusting food so he left crates of beer in the store room for them to celebrate with.

Good week so far or no? We look forward to the Payporte Arena games tomorrow night but one thing still stands, is anyone getting evicted this Sunday?


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