Big Brother StarGame Daily Di-Gist #11: False alarm, BFFs, and who’s a fake virgin?

by Denike & Ifedayo

[UPDATE] – It seems the proud Upvillians (Upvillers?) are beginning to get on each others’ nerves. I thought Upville was the drama-free zone, they seem to fight a lot these days.

Yesterday’s romance was a false alarm – Goldie and her partner were merely rehearsing their bedtime stories to each other. What a letdown!

You remember how the Downvillians complained to Biggie about their sleep? Well, in his usual cruel fashion he found a solution: for their task, they were asked to transport the eggs.  How? Hands free, with a bowl strapped to their head. For every egg they transport safely, they get free sleep minutes. Mean and hilarious, indeed.

More love affairs, yay! This time, it’s Talia and Seydou; it seems they are getting very very (very) close. They are giving each other more attention and even speaking a “code”, I hope this ends well – unlike Goldie and Prezzo.

Ah love, such a fickle thing. Luke and Janette, it seems, are getting a late start in the love races, but I think they have a thing for each other, even though Luke told Kyle and Jessica that he loves her (Janette) but just as a sister. Yeah right! They seem to have a lot of differences and the only reason she gets mad at his jokes is because . she has a secret crush on him. (Shhhhh, I didn’t say nuthin’!)

Biggie wasn’t pleased with the fight between DKB and Prezzo, and once again he was annoyed at the disrespectful behaviour in their house. As for their punishment, DKB and Prezzo have to be able to literally live in each other’s pockets for a while and become besties/BFFs. They had to wear a jumpsuit that joined them together at the hip, like Siamese twins. You should have seen them – hilarious, I tell you.

The Upvillians seem to complain about DKB a lot, they think he is fake and just trying to impress and build a fan base but he is doing it wrongly.

The gals in the house are mad at Janette, because apparently, she lied about being a virgin. She told Yadel that it was a joke, they are pissed because she waited so long to confess and she also told other lies. Now the girls don’t trust her and they say she has a strategy, but it’s a funny one though.

Last night ended on a rather romantic note; Roki gave Maneta a sweet, kind of sexy massage. Now I’m sure he likes her. Remember how he got sooooo excited when she just moved into Upville?

The game’s afoot in the dual Big Brother houses, and deception and fakery is the name of the game. Why can’t they just be real with each other?

Oh, I forgot $300,000 is on the line. Fake away!



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