The Media Blog: Big Cabal’s Osarumen Osamuyi is moving up in the world

In another life, many many moons ago, it would almost be inconceivable that we would be here writing about the ‘big career moves’ of a below-25-year-old  whose career in the media, or in anything significant, is barely a year old.


Tell me about how drastically the world has changed.

Osarumen Osamuyi, the engineering graduate from Covenant University whose journalism career began with his present employer, Big Cabal Media (owner of TechCabal and Zikoko) in October of last year, is making the inevitable move up.

There are a few things to know about Osamuyi.

  1. His head is far up his 4-letter-word. So far up he would refer to himself as one of the only 2 smartest people in tech media in, wait for it, Sub Saharan Africa.

No, seriously, he literally wrote this:

I may be wrong, but I’ve been paying attention, and there aren’t many African “tech bloggers” whose articles I’m terribly excited to read. There aren’t a lot of MG Sieglers with which my Topolsky can spar. Well, except Bankole…but we happen to play for the same team. Meh.

  1. He casually assumes he is smarter than almost everyone he meets (and no he isn’t being ironic, or tongue in cheek, or any of that. He says it often enough, and without a wink, that it’s just what it is: he says what he says).
  2. He is the kind of guys who says silly stuff that he didn’t really think through – like “Nigerians don’t know the difference between ‘ironic’ and ‘uncanny'”.
  3. Very sadly, number 1 and 2 are mostly right. Which mean the guy with a big mouth, also has a good reason to have a big mouth. And you have to respect a mind that brilliant. Isn’t that the worst thing?
  4. At TMB, we read his blog, his newsletter and every little, annoying thing he writes on TechCabal, because his mind is so deliciously, what-must-it-be-to-live-inside there … smart that it’s impossible to resist. With the writing chops to match.
  5. The last time we had anyone in the media that smart they impressed us enough to be both swinging a-hole and absolutely worth listening to at the same time was… his boss, Bankole Oluwafemi (subject of a soon-come post!).

It’s all there in this post. Also delicious, even where it is self-absorbed enough for a face palm.

Which he wrote to announce significant news. He is moving up from Senior Editor of TechCabal to Head of Production across Big Cabal Media, with – clearly – a focus on Zikoko. Zikoko revealed last month at a digital breakfast conversation in Lagos that they will begin focus on video (They have been making big bets across board, with significant spend across Facebook and Google and now with Video, that require a whole post of its own. And you should pay attention to Zikoko).


You will be hearing a lot from this young man – especially with just-in-time skills around audio, video, text and (soon coming) Virtual Reality.

We vote him Most Likely To Succeed. (And Big Cabal Most Likely to Hit Gold Because of Him).

And Most Likely to Receive A Deserved Slap on the Face, someday when someone who has no respect for what’s in your head makes a judgement based on what comes out of your mouth.

In which case, doxology.

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