Biodun Laaro: Banking hall madness (30 days, 30 voices)

by Biodun Laaro


                          “Nothing will be accomplished if we do not believe that it can be accomplished.”

It’s funny how people jump  to conclusions these days. As it seems, almost everybody has a biased opinion on something, be it religion, sexuality or politics. Basically issues that require in-depth reasoning and critical thinking; emphasis on critical.

A scenario I witnessed at the bank recently comes to mind; we were on the queue and this man just walked in literally revving like an engine and spoiling for a fight. That day had been quite boring for me so I felt that the melodrama would suffice for hilarity.

Right from the entrance, the man began dishing out complaints. He yelled at the security guard for not ensuring the door was properly lubricated as he claimed to be irritated by squealing noises. Walking down to the counter, he picked up the deposit slip only to find that it had been exhausted and suddenly it seemed that the gates of hell burst open. The following dialogue ensued:

MAN: “Na wetin be this? Wh wh whowho who they do this kain tin? (stammering with anger)

SECURITY GUARD: Sir what is the problem?

Splashing saliva all over the place, he struggled to convey his message in the most dramatic way possible. In response, the security guard calmly pointed to the new booklet filled with fresh pages of deposit-slips right beside the exhausted one.

He stirred a few scenes around the bank and then I found him sitting next to me. I had requested to purchase a bank draft , same as ‘Mr. Man’, so we were both asked to wait.

Some news feed flashed across the TV screen and facing me, this man set off in a frenzy about faith and beliefs. I didn’t want to indulge but his slander against the Nigerian youth is what set me off and the following conversation ensued.

MAN: The children of this country are a disgrace, I c,ca,cca can never allow my children grow up in this country. There is no future

ME: Sir, what do you mean?

MAN: This country is dying and it will continue to die.

ME:  But how will you see change if your mind is set against it?

MAN: Are you saying I don’t know how to re, re,reree,reason?

ME: Not at all sir, I just want to know what you believe in.

MAN: Faith yields belief simple!!!. I believe in GOD

ME:  Faith  yields belief, Sure!; you’re talking about God, but look at it from this angle, you can never be committed to a certain cause if you do not believe in it. Looking at the economy in general, a lot of people have lost faith duly because there is no belief in the system or should I say economy itself. For example, most engineers will never commit to a certain project if ultimately they do not believe in it. The success of any future thrives on belief, realizing the need for a certain task to be accomplished and having a mindset that the accomplishment of that task will facilitate future success should be the basic instinct that we should all imbibe. Nothing will be accomplished if we do not believe that it can be accomplished.

MAN: My f,fff,ffrr,friend SHUT –UP!! You don’t believe in GOD!

He snapped at me violently and at that point I was called to pick-up my draft.

I went to the counter picked it up and before I walked out of the banking hall I went back to the man who I had apparently just wasted my time with and concluded

ME: Sir, I will leave you with what a great man said when he rose to power; YES WE CAN!

Still shocked as to the reason the man snapped at me, I walked out of the bank questioning myself; Did I say anything wrong?…


Biodun Laaro is a graduate of business administration. An unpublished writer; he draws his inspiration from God

30 Days, 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.

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