Blackberry Viral! Say hello to the new verbs in Nigeria’s dictionary

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At YNaija we make it a point to stay on top of everything young Nigerians are talking about – in music, literature, technology, name it! Our new column, Blackberry Viral is the product of that goal. As the name implies, the column is a collection of witty, noteworthy information that’s making rounds via BB broadcast and other instant messaging services. Here’s the first:

Coming out fresh from yesterday’s NN24 Presidential Debate, new verbs have been added to the dictionary.

1. Ribadu /riba:Du/ [vb] – To be overrated and perform below expectation to the amazement and disappointment of your fans and followers. E.g. Kelechi the orator ribadud yesterday during her class debate. Other usage – ribadu, ribadud, ribaduing!

2. Buhari /booha:ri/ [vb] – To lack the physical and mental stamina to articulate your arguments due to old age. E.g. While addressing journalists yesterday, Obasanjo buharid in his argument for the return of PDP in April. Other usage – buhari, buharid, buhaaring!

3. Shekarau /§ekaRau:/ [vb] – To perform above expectation by out-shining and intimidating your opponents using intellectual ‘shakara’. E.g. If Dele Momodu had participated in that debate, he would have shekaraued the others! Other usage – shekarau, shekaraued, shekarauing!

4. Gej /gedg/ [vb] – A new form of exam malpractice where a student chickens out of an exam because the questions were not made available to him/her in advance. E.g. Students of nowadays are very good at gejjing exams! Other usage – gej, gejjed, gejjing!

5. momodu /momodoo/ [vb]: To be angry and bitter when your mates are treated and respected better than you. To Momodu is to murmur bitterly to the hearing of all. Eg Okotie and Pat Utomi momodued because they were not invited to the Presidential debate organised by NN24. Other usage- momoduing, momoduer.

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Got any new verbs of your own to add to this list? Share them in the comments section!

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  1. Okonjoed (verb)..this is the art of proposing ideas to save a dwindling economy . E.g the Nigerian economy is being okonjoed…(Other usages ; okonjoing, okonjoed, okonjolising)

  2. Fasholization (noun)..that is the outright ban or illegalising of local operations carried out by artisans within a metropolis. E.g motorcyclists in lagos have been ''fasholized''.

  3. Jegalized…adjective, qualifying a free and fair fight, contest or election. e.g. The past elections were jegalized

  4. You missed….
    DBANJING ['d-'ban-'djing (v)]: The dogmatic act of nodding ones head idiotically and stupidly in an attempt to overshadow ones disconnect to the topic being discussed.E.g. The student was 'dbanjing' as the lecturer explained the principles of relative>>>>

  5. this cracks me up all the time…
    okotie and utomi momodued…lol

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