Book review: Righteous man in power – Hope for morally upright leadership

by Samuel O. Adeyemi

Rmp Amazon Cover

Among the morally uprights and sincere men and women in our clime, Politics is a dreaded word. It is regarded as a game of the crooked and the morally bankrupt.

Even books on power and politics have not made things rosy for these set of people as books on power and politics that heaps on shelves are the ones that fuel murderous and desperate ambitions.

Those books hold that it is foolishness to be just, kind and virtuous, when governing the affairs of men.

As a result, it seems that everyone has settled into cynicism, concluding that nothing will ever change for the better and the sincere have no place in governance.

Others have devised means of benefiting from the seeming hopeless situation, for the sake of their giving a better life for their families and eke out a living.

However, the few, who dared to be different, who see need to change the drifting course of the nation did not end their mission with the kind of total change the citizens desperately desired. It is either they join the corrupt league or they are forced out of the system – that’s if their lives are not flushed out as well!

It is against this backdrop that the book, Righteous Man in Power (RMP) was written.

RMP is a PRACTICAL INSPIRATIONAL CODE AND WEAPON in the hands of men and women who have put their lives on line to ensure justice and peace in the world. This book presents the needed solution to the cry of people across the earth for a strong, righteous and clean leader.

The book cover stirs curiosity as it has a picture of an innocent looking man with a heart of the lion and leg of a horse. This image signifies strength in the midst of the full contact sport called politics in this clime!

RMP opens with an introduction followed by part one and part two. Part One is entitled the Old Order with eleven chapters and Part Two entitled New Order has twenty chapters.

Part One has chapters like Overcoming the Society, Lions Heart in Dove’s Body, Compassion and Calculation, Preparing in Obscurity, Covenant Friendship, etc.  

Among the chapters in Part Two are Accessing the Palace, Gathering Momentum, Not Motivated But Inspired, Facing the Corrupt Giants, Escaping Assassination Attempt, Victory Over Death, Response to Death Threat, Tactical Planning, Ascending the Throne, Discovering Betrayal, etc.

Indeed, RMP is a compendium of revelations and practical steps to be applied by anyone or a group of people who desire a complete reformation in their nations especially in Africa.

Every word in this book is loaded with dynamites. Only the deep minded fellows can fully appreciate its content.

RMP was written in the unique scriptural style of chapter and verses that make for easy comprehension!

The author, Barrister Kayode Adeniji, is a legal practitioner and conflict resolution expert with an assignment to raise and help the endangered species of sincere leaders around the world.

If you have the mandate for a clean, sincere and righteous leadership in dangerous political terrain of Africa, RMP is your compass.

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