#BopDaddyChallenge: Did the Nigerian Immigration Service shoot itself on this one?


Yes, that’s the word. The word that has led many in divisive ways. The word too many people misinterpret. The word that causes more people every other day to come up with so-called ‘tenets’. We cannot confirm that religion has done more harm than good, so we will leave that part. But what we can say is people need to separate the word from other aspects of life. So, for instance, if you are talking about the corporate world…

In a letter dated, April 15, 2020, the Nigerian Immigration Service called out the actions of a few of its officers who decided to jump on the popular social media challenge called Bop Daddy/Don’t Rush Challenge.

Part of the statement reads, “…revealed a rather disturbing and embarrassing display of indecent flaunting of your bodies...and the use of inappropriate language…”

The statement makes you want to watch the video over and over again, but you won’t because you already know what’s at play here.

We are not here tending to injuries inflicted by old-school minded extremist Nigerians who are of the opinion that whatever is new is ‘evil’, but to ask questions:

  1. At what point in the video did the women reveal parts of their bodies that leans towards an ’embarrassing display’?
  2. At what point did the women speak as to warrant the talk of ‘inappropriate language’?
  3. Are these officers not supposed to have any kind of fun?
  4. Do they have specific kinds of music they should be listening to?

Indeed, for decades, we have inclined ourselves to use religion to dictate whatever happens in another space. We would rather almost go up with delusional chariots to a Supreme Being to talk about unimportant events than realise that people in uniform too are human beings, and would need to tend to their mental health; including having fun.

We do not even talk of PTSD that affects more officers than we even imagine and when that topic is brought on, we still resort to religion instead of actually having therapy sessions for these people. But that’s a topic for another day.

If we were to make calls to professional conduct, we would ask that the Nigerian Immigration Service don’t define the action of its officers through religiously prejudiced definition of religion, societal values and morals, in this case, as embarrassing to the Service – because literally no professional harm has been done to the Service.

Aside other issues, this rather hasty reaction leaves out problems the immigration should be focused on and brings to light – again – how we continually and intentionally sexualise women and hide under different covers. We still do not understand why singers, filmmakers, etc will regularly want to sexualise women. Having this in government agencies is something we might never understand.

If only the NIS would focus on reforms – I mean, officers in other countries have done this too, and they were not threatened to be dismissed.

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  1. is their bodies and not the body of NIS. Is their lives. They did not steal or fuck in public. They only dance in today’s best practised. Anyway,oga want taste what he saw on air.

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