“Buhari is an incorruptible leader”…the 8 things we learnt from Tunde Bakare’s recent interview

by Emma Chidiogo


Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly was recently interviewed by a cross section of journalists in Lagos. The former presidential running mate of Rtd General Muhammed Buhari, spoke on a wide range of issues including his experience at the 2011 general elections.

See the 8 things we learnt below;

1) The Osun state election was not a militarisation, it was rather a situation of federal presence
“I think I chose my words, I didn’t use militarisation; I used the word “federal presence.” I said in spite of the intimidating federal presence, things still went on peacefully. I have heard the word militarisation used, I do not necessarily subscribe to it. The reason being that the police are called peace officers and they were there to keep the peace.”

2) He was picked by the elders of his land to be part of the CONFAB
“I didn’t force myself on the government. I represented the South-West geo-political zone. When the elders met, they put my name down. I pleaded with them that I would not even have the time. But they insisted that they wanted me there and you don’t reject your elders if they feel you have something to contribute or they consider that you are relevant.”

3) He wasn’t paid a dim at the CONFAB
“I gave a condition and that condition was that I would not take a penny from the conference; I would not be given any allowance and I wrote a letter to that effect and they replied me. I did this so that if anything went wrong, I would retain my freedom to express myself freely. That does not mean others who took the allowance are bad

4) He is not a politician
“I have never joined politics. I am a nation builder, I am not a politician. I sleep well, I wake up well. I have no ambition; there is no desire to be anything in politics. All I want to see is a nation that works. If you ask me today if I am seeking any elective office, my answer will be no.”

5) Everyone that has been an assistant to Buhari dies
“Everyone who had been assistant to Gen. Buhari died before him. Tunde Idiagbon is gone, Okadigbo is gone, Ume-Ezeoke is gone, why do I want to go and put my head in a death sentence. I need to know what is responsible for that, so I can’t just jump, I will need to pray through.”

6) Olusegun Obasanjo was against him being the running mate of Buhari
“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo told El-Rufai that he was ready to support Buhari if he could drop me and replace me with Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as his running mate,” in the 2011 general elections.

7) Buhari is an incorruptible leader
“Buhari is an incorruptible leader. He is a man whose word is his bond. He is a reliable person and he loves this country. I realised he loves Christians as much as he loves Muslims.”

8) President Goodluck Jonathan is doing his best for Nigeria
“I think Jonathan is honestly doing his best but history would judge whether his best is good enough. The Nigerian issue is complex. It requires a level of capability and dynamism and that is not common among the current politicians.”

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  1. Comment:president Buhari is ladder and I pray that may the God of Muslim and crestian that knows the best and does the best and he is the best may God always guide him and make him the best in Thought of the day

    • I vote for # Hillary because I don’t want ma family and friends in American ? To lose their goals !!! he is duying ameen ?????? both quite on fortune congrat????

  2. I wish they won in 2011 general elections, they would have been the best for this corrupt country. Unless The People’s General (Buhari) doesn’t constest, I’ll always vote for him. God bless Nigeria

  3. Tunde Bakare a no nonsense pastor said buhari his incorruptible, what else do we need from leader at this particular time, than a leader that can help us to plug wastages in the system, which are obvious. I wish Nigerians would be able to rise above sentiments in the coming elections and do the needful to put buhari in office.

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