[The Church Blog] Leke Alder’s Illuminare answers the tough questions of faith that we’ve always had

Leke Alder Illuminare

We all have questions. The tough, hard,  seemingly unanswerable questions of faith. In previous years, asking critical questions on faith meant you were frowned at because, if we all didn’t have an answer to it, we’d either shut the mouth of the questioner and mask it under the evidence of things not seen. But, so far that has not gone incredibly well.

The increase of scientifically based answers to many questions and the increase of evidence to prove our faith otherwise has made many to do away with the substance of their faith, leaving others confused because until we deal with root causes, pruning and trimming can only do so much.

Our favourite online coach, founder and principal of Alder Consulting, Leke Alder, in 2016 launched a platform to salvage the problem of unanswered faith questions. Illuminare, a product of a divine prophecy was launched to equip an emerging spiritually articulate and well-spoken generation. Hence, proving that we can have a really enlightened generation who believe strongly in their faith but can answer whatever questions they are faced with, with both scientific and biblical evidence.

From topics on basic bible theology like salvation, divorce and remarriage to detailed exegesis on The Church and Politics, Suicide, Horoscopes, and the existence of Ghosts and Aliens Leke Alder has perfectly answered many fo the mind-boggling questions of faith and still engages more questions on his twitter timeline.

And he’s not even a pastor!

The Illuminare platform also accommodates a several series all perfectly curated for an inquisitive audience; Urban Legends, What if and Radical.

Urban Legends examines popular myths from a Biblical perspective debunking many of the old age rumours about sex, horoscopes, aliens, history of the Bible, the birth of Jesus and many more.

What if explores imaginative adventures in faith. What if Jesus had bowed to Satan?, What if Job had cursed God? and What if Judas didn’t betray Jesus? are some of the thrilling topics explained under previous entries on the “What if” column.

Radical deals bluntly and frontally with questions about Christianity sent in by readers of Leke Alder’s Illuminare blog.

What started as one of the bulk of tweet series on the internet has evolved into a 21st-century bible study where tough questions of faith are answered with biblical reference to back it up. And the beautiful part is at the end of every Illuminare lecture, there’s a call to action where readers who haven’t received the gift of salvation can do so. How beautiful!

The Illuminare platform could easily pass as a compiled Bible commentary of its own. And like seeds sown, we can only imagine the immense harvest of enlightened Christian souls that a platform like Illuminare would produce going forward.

Thank you, sir Leke Alder for this commitment to church culture; answering the tough questions that many would normally run away from.

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