The Church Blog: This WashPo article attacks Trump’s reliance on prosperity pastors

While we’re here trying to spread the pentecostal message to many areas of Africa the movement keeps getting more and more resistance right there in North America.

Or what would you say about this theology professor, Michael Horton who just can’t stand the Word of Faith – teachings from people like T.D Jakes, Joel Osteen and their likes telling Christians they have the power to change their life for good.

In this Washington Post article Horton can’t hide his disgust at Paula White, the twice-divorced fearless pastor acting as the movement’s poster child.

“But what’s problematic for me as an evangelical is how Trump’s ceremony is helping to mainstream this heretical movement.”

He continues.

“The prosperity gospel — the idea that God dispenses material wealth and health based on what we “decree” — is not just fluff. It’s also not just another branch of Pentecostalism, a tradition that emphasizes the continuation of the gifts of healing, prophecy and tongues. It’s another religion.”

Yes, another religion. Because according to him, it deviates from the teachings of Jesus Christ when he walked the face of the earth.

He said: “Besides throwing out doctrines like the Trinity and confusing ourselves with God, the movement teaches that Jesus went to the cross not to bring forgiveness of our sins but to get us out of financial debt, not to reconcile us to God but to give us the power to claim our prosperity, not to remove the curse of death, injustice and bondage to ourselves but to give us our best life now. White says emphatically that Jesus is “not the only begotten Son of God,” just the first. We’re all divine and have the power to speak worlds into existence.”

Sounds like something you hear in Church every Sunday, yeah?

Next time your pastor tells you to speak healing into the body of the person beside you in church or breakthrough into his finances just ignore him completely – who positive confessions don epp?

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