Cutting Edge: Olatosweett Dresses

by Yemi Olowu

Torera Majekodunmi (23), started Olatosweett Dresses during her NYSC days. Her aim was to create a platform where young fashionable women can have an unlimited supply of fantastic dresses. She has a large span of clients and each dress is made to suit the taste of its wearer. With her strong entrepreneurial drive, Torera is ready to make Olatosweett Dresses a fashion industry leader.

What is the origin of your label?
Olatosweett Dresses originated from Sweett Dresses Nigeria, an online retail dresses shop []. Olatosweett Dresses is the ‘Made in Nigeria’ collection of Sweett Dresses, owned by Sweett Dresses!

What was the first piece of clothing you ever designed?

That would be our orange and green ruffled tube dress! Has been re-created and sold in various other colors today. We aim for all our designs to make a fashionable statement as Olatosweett is growing to become the #1 dress designer in Nigeria. Every dress we design is created to be unique and fashionable!

What are your favourite fabrics?
Ankara, Chiffon, Lace and just about any unique ‘made in Africa’ fabric.

Which international designer would you like to work with?
Bebe! Always enjoy shopping at a Bebe store!

How long have you been a designer?

Our one year anniversary is coming up in a few months 🙂 Stay tuned to for the Cocktails & Dresses celebration of our one year Anniversary coming up in April this year, 2011!

What matters to you most as a designer?

That my dresses be exquisitely and excellently created and my fantastic designs captured well. Also for my customers to rock my dresses elegantly and fashionably with joyful satisfaction.

What inspires your designs?

I’ve always had a passion for dresses. Most of my favorite wardrobe items are dresses; elegant, fashionable dresses that are easy to wear. Also my international experience as a dress shopper! ;). I aim to have my ‘made in Nigeria’ dresses attain and exceed international standards.

What are the problems you face as a designer in this part of the world?

Anything that one wants to do well, requires time and hard work, anywhere in the world. The problems I have faced personally, are not unique to only this area of the world.

How do you rate the Nigerian fashion industry?

I think it’s growing steadily but still has a long way to go and thus a lot of room for growth.

If you were not a designer what would you have been?

Well, I am an entrepreneur and not just a designer. I’m also a business development consultant and a banking industry professional. Fashion design falls under my entrepreneurship umbrella and is a duty I’m very passionate about.

What do you have for aspiring designers?

Making it in the industry requires hardwork, dedication, time, creativity, talent and networking skills! Be sure to continuously build on your skills to remain the best! 🙂

Who are your favourite designer locally?
Deola Sagoe

How do you think the government can support fashion designers?

What government can do to support fashion designers and the entire nation is to stabilize electricity. That would improve thousands of business processes in the entire nation and help reduce business expenditures.

Where do you see your label in the next ten years?

Running our very own Sweett Dresses shops across Africa in addition to our Sweett Dresses website that would service international customers.

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Olatorera - the designer

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  1. Howdy I found this website by mistake, i was searching internet for new Designer Fashion when I came upon your webpage, i must say your webpage is really cool I just love the layout, its amazing!. I’m strapped for time at the moment to fully browse your webpage but I have favorited it and also subscribed for your RSS feeds. i will be back when I free up some time. thank you for a great blog.

  2. Darling Sis, well donne!! Just keep up your intelligence and hardwork in enhancing quality in our nation. GOD bless you forever in JESUS name, amen.

  3. Waoh,dis lovely. i tink upcoming designers do very well,dis styles r simple and nice wit good sense of color(or fabric) combinations.

    Wuh i wld just add is,we guyz too need designs tht could express ourselfs;at work(corporate designs),casual and traditional. i see more designers concentrating on female clothings. Nice job ere,glad to se dis.

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