Diabetes: Researchers develop drug to replace insulin injection

drug abuse
drug abuse

by Omoleye Omoruyi

A research by Australian scientists reveals that diabetic patients might soon be able to use drugs instead of insulin injections in treating the illness.

Led by the Universoty of Adelaide, the research is reportedly testing safer and more effective drugs to treat type-II diabetes.

Two studies published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and BBA-General Subjection on Friday found that two new drugs could be more efficient in reducing blood sugar.

The first study, undertaken in partnership with The Scripps Research Institute in the US, described 14 versions of a drug which worked by partially activating PPARgamma, an outcome which resulted in fewer side effects than full activation.

The second study, in collaboration with South Australia’s Flinders University, used X-ray crystallography to demonstrate how a drug, rivoglitazone, binds with the PPARgamma receptor.


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