Eat your hearts out, doubters: “God chose me,” says GEJ

by Lekan Olanrewaju

It would seem President Goodluck Jonathan is also a firm believer in the general sentiments that have trailed his political career from certain angles thus far. His story is not one of taking a job and doing it so well he ascends in the ranks (which is not to say he doesn’t, of course), rather, he’s always seemed to have had a clear path, moving up from one post to the other with relative ease, leading many to joke that his parents knew what they were doing when they christened him”Goodluck”, and that he has been the receipient of an excess of divine favour.

Well, for any who doubted it, the man himself has confirmed it. Speaking Saturday at a national breakfast meeting at the presidential villa, he said that he had been chosen by God to head the country. He is quoted by the Daily Times as speaking on the other leaders of the present administration, and saying that they “are not the best material”, but they were chosen by God to change the country.

“I always make my supplications to God,” he said “that in selecting me as the President of this country, the Vice President, the Governors, members of the national assembly, the ministers, we are not the best material but God knows why he choose us and we pray He should use us to change this country.

“We believe that with God using us collectively we will be able to transform this country.” he continued. “We all as Nigerians we want a better country, we want a country that there would be peace, power, that will take care of our health needs, that we can move freely from one part of the country to the other, that our children will have hope. And God sometimes use most impossible cause to solve human.”

He also said enjoined citiziens to stay strong in their faith, saying that that would help the country get past whatever trying times it is currently facing.

“With unwavering faith in God and renewed recommittment to the national course by us all, I’m confident that Nigeria will emerge from these trying times a stronger, more united, more stable and more prosperous nation.” he said.

“Now than ever before our nation’s leadership needs to rededicate itself to the realisation of the grand vision of one big strong multi ethnic, multi cultural, diverse but united nation which steered our founding fathers. We  must live above that primordial tendencies which can only compromise our growth as nation. We should be guided by the ideals of justice, equity, selflessness and above all the fear of God in every conduct public or private,”

“Our administration was voted into office by overwhelming majority of Nigerians cutting across ethnic, social, cultural and even political barriers. We therefore owe all Nigerians the sacred duty to toil endlessly for the enhanced welfare and wellbeing of all. This is a duty I have vowed to commit my all to achieve.

“I am aware that the task of national transformation is daunting one, I am however more aware that there is nothing that God cannot do. With Him on our side I am confident every stumbling block on our way shall become a stepping stone into national rebirth.I assure you that our trials at all times for the greatest good of the greatest number guided always by the fear of God.”

Well then….there’s no comeback to this one.

Unless of course God removes him or he suddenly decides to tell God he is not interested anymore.

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