Eddie Iroh: “Bishop” Oyedepo and the rest of us

by Eddie Iroh

Before I say another word in this article, let me quickly state that I have already put my neck on the chopping block for the guillotine, slipped a hangman’s noose round my neck, and tied myself to the stake ready for the firing squad. I say this in acknowledgement of the fact that when you dare to raise issues with a Nigerian’s religion, ethnic group or political allegiance, however valid your facts or the argument, you might as well be ready for all of the above. For when issues pertaining to these arise, you quickly realise that the Nigerian person is probably the most emotive of all of God’s creations. As even the celebrated Chinua Achebe has recently found to his probable chagrin with the publication of his new book, even the “well educated” and “learned” Nigerian throws intellect out of the window, opens the door wide for primordial sentiments and, quite pitifully, he or she will not provide a superior argument to thump yours. Very often, abuse and insult, the resort of the intellectual scoundrel, are proffered in place of sound reasoning.

But as Igbo people will say, you do not chicken out of a battle just because people can get killed in action. Besides as writers and journalists, if we worried about the bruising our ego would suffer, among other consequences, we would be failing in our commitment to truth and a better society.

Anyone who has read the expose carried in the British Mail on Sunday newspaper on October 21, cannot but shudder at what the paper had to say about “Bishop” David Oyedepo and how his Winners’ Chapel ministry had stretched its tentacles to the United Kingdom and into the wallets of its British congregation which is made up of largely African and Caribbean under–class. The article stated that Oyedepo’s UK church, run by his son David Oyedepo Junior, had “exploited its British congregation” to the tune of more than £4 million in 2010 alone; nearly double its takings the year before.

The writer estimated Oyedepo’s personal wealth at a little under £100 million. The paper carried photographs of Oyedepo luxuriating in the plush cabin of one of his two private jets; it showed him in the notorious photograph in which he was alleged to have slapped a young girl in his church who was accused of being a witch, and gave a catalogue of Oyedepo’s assets, from his Rolls Royce Phantom limousine to his business empire that includes everything from bakeries to petrol stations. The paper had infiltrated the congregation with an under-cover reporter who was able to give an eyewitness account of how church members were given envelopes with slips of paper to make donations with their debit cards in return for promises of prosperity from above.

There is probably nothing that The Mail newspaper unearthed in the Winners’ Chapel in the UK that does not happen on a larger scale in Nigeria where the church has a large following and owns a 50,000 capacity church in Ota, Ogun State. But the one significant fact here is that the newspaper categorically accused Oyedepo of “exploiting” British citizens and of “enriching” himself.

In a country where churches are given various types of concessions and considerations because they are by their nature non-profit making, any suggestion of exploitation of, and or personal enrichment from donations made by the congregation immediately attracts public condemnation and the attention of the Charities Commission, the body that oversees non-profit organisations and ensures that resources are used for the purpose for which they are intended. But because Nigeria is a moral no-man’s land, her mushrooming churches, which see Britain as rich pickings for hard currency among the hard-up immigrant Black population, fail to realise, first that Britain is not Nigeria and that Big Brother is always watching. Secondly Nigeria is not a country much loved abroad. Also Oyedepo clearly did not learn from the lessons of Matthew Ashimolowo and his own ministry which got into a similar mess in the UK some years ago.

Now there are two ways of looking at Oyedepo and the so-called ‘pastorpreneurs’, prosperity pastors who have turned their churches into commercial enterprise with themselves as the CEOs, and for which Nigeria has become as globally notorious as she is for her 4-1-9 exports. Sadly, either way you look at the Oyedepo phenomenon, the exercise is fraught with the danger of irrational and emotive attacks from the fanatics of the new wave Christian denominations who will, as I said earlier, abdicate any attempt at theological logic and resort to insults and name-calling. Notwithstanding, we have to face a few fundamental facts.

The first is that except in theocratic societies like Iran and Saudi Arabia, religion is globally regarded as a private as well as sensitive affair in which neither the state nor indeed anyone, except the adherents, have a say. The second is that when any Nigerian organisation, be it a church or a bank, extends its operations beyond our borders, it ceases be a private matter. For however you look at it, the type of adverse publicity generated by Oyedepo’s church in the UK cannot any longer be the exclusive business of David Oyedepo and his followers. It impacts on the image of Nigeria and her citizens.

The other aspect of the matter, and one for which I should put on my bullet proof vest, is the question that many of us who have witnessed the activities of these new wave churches, have shied away from asking, probably because as I said earlier religion is a sensitive affair. Nevertheless the question needs to be asked: What is the theological agenda of Oyedepo and his fellow ‘pastorpreneurs’? Are they businessmen and millionaires or are they followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man who had “no place to lay his head;” who rode not on a gold-plated chariot or white stallion, but a donkey, the lowest form of transport of his age? One has to ask, which Christ are we following, the one that commanded his apostles:”You have received without paying, so give without being paid”?  As pastors and priests, are we following in the footsteps of the apostles who “left everything” and followed Jesus? Are we following in the example of Peter, the first apostle, who, before he healed the lame at the entrance to the synagogue, declared “silver or gold [or private jets] have I not, but that which I have I give to you…”and what he had was the power to say “…in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” Are we preaching prosperity of the pocket or of the spirit?

As I was working on this article, I stumbled on a posting on the internet which read: “If your pastor is not telling you to be prepared for the rapture but always preaching about prosperity, you are in danger.” Dare I say then that many Nigerian Christians are in danger when our sermon consists of how the congregation can improve their socio-economic status through “giving to the Lord” [conveniently citing the widow’s mite]; when we equate the Lord’s treasury with the bank account of the pastor, are we preaching the gospel of Christ or exploiting the economic woes of the down-trodden?

Of course there is little question that the cottage industry which the Pentecostal faith has become in Nigeria grew with the severe economic hardship of the military dictatorships of the 80’s. Clearly, the pastors quickly spotted a lucrative opportunity: the preachment of prosperity would resonate with the impoverished population; never mind that many of the preachers knew little or nothing about true religion. Indeed a research carried out by the defunct NEXT on Sunday newspaper two years ago claimed that many of “the Pentecostal clergy are equipped with no more than six months of Bible college in America”. As if to prove this point, a few weeks later, I watched one of the leading ‘pastorpreneurs’ in Lagos say on television that “the original sin was sexual intercourse”! But the fact is that in these churches, money is the centre of sermons and worship; God becomes a money-doubler, and religion is used in the manner a drunkard uses a lamp post – more for support than illumination.

Sadly the majority of the exploited poor may not read this article. One such person who will not is Peter. In search of deliverance from poverty Peter attended his local Pentecostal church in Ikeja recently. The pastor cajoled his congregation into giving all they had “to the Lord,” reminding them about the “widow’s mite.” Peter gave all N200 in his pocket “to the Lord”.  After the service, Peter was desolately trudging home when he saw “the Lord” cruising past him in his brand new Toyota Land Cruiser.
Peter many not afford to buy this paper; but his Pastor can. And I hope it will give him an opportunity to re-examine the real mission of his ministry.

*This piece was first published in Thisday

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  1. Just like uncle Eddie said in his opening speech,there is going to be mixed rxn to dis piece.we Nigerians are easily emotional,and by so doing we miss the letter.some of us missed the main truth in dis article,becos we allowed emotions ride on us.God help us all…..

  2. I am not surprised about the reactions regarding this article. Like Mr. Iroh said, this is a very sensitive issue when Nigerians are involved. However, permit me to say that my understanding of the write up is that Mr. Iroh is not being critical or jealous of Pastor Oyedepo but is pointing out the realities and the state of things as it were. A situation where many so called men of God (and they abound in Nigeria) uses religion to exploit others is unconscionable and condemnable no matter who is involved. The problem with so many of us is that we are always sentimental on religious issues that it beclouds our sense of reasning. Karl Marx's statement that "Religion is the opium of the Peolpe" is very apt in the context of Nigeria. I will say no more

  3. Do those jets get to Haiti, Afghanistan or Koma Hills? Sorry, just wondering!

  4. Well said. We should be with our conscience all the time, no matter the argument on ground.

  5. Truth is, I am a Pentecostal Christian, I believe in giving – not only to the work of God but to others. My candid wish is to hear less about money and monetization issues in sermons. I am just hungry for something different!!!!!!!!!! I want less of me (and my wants and needs). I think this area has been over-emphasized. Crucify me if you wish!

  6. Your conclusion is the best answer to Eddie Iroh and his cohorts. Millions that gather every service all over the world can't all be fools. How come Catholic, Methodist and many Old churches still thrive today? They survive and still survive by donations and contributions of their members. In conclusion Mr Iroh is not Born Again and does not understand Spiritual matters.

  7. Why not google him before you infest us with your lazy belief? You will be surprised at what you find! Perhaps, we should be more circumspect in reacting or responding to write-ups! Men of God are still humans and are subject to the vagaries of the human mind. When we ask people not to judge them or criticise their actions and then go ahead to judge the people, we merely show our level of intolerance, our flight of reason and our inability to separate the writer from his view points so as to respond properly.

  8. First and foremost,dont judge for you not to be judged.
    2ndly,if yr pastor was walking on foot spreading the word,would you love it?why dont you read yr bible well,God did not create his people,his followers on earth to suffer.
    3rd—every minister has his/her own calling.some humility,some salvation,some prosperity,some holiness,some closeness to God,why dont you take the histories of these ministers and find out how they started,they all started with nothing made it up to something,from kenneth copeland to pastor a and the rest,so why would you want ministers of God not to have anything?
    Hey hommie,put yrself in their shoes and let mew ask you this
    if you are working all yr life and you dont make profits,would you feel good.read thier history well and see how God promised to bless them.read deut 28 and genesis well

  9. Thanks, many people like to give bad report/fake news about others. Judge not so dat U 'll not be judged.

  10. I believe Eddie is one of these writers/bloggers who must write about some popular issue to drive traffic to their sites. He obviously has achieved that. I cannot remember the last time I give tithe or offering in the church I attend still projects are still springing. If you say Bishop need to do more with the resources, I wouldve agree with you but painting The Man of God the way you did shows your level of understanding. How easy do u think it is to cajole people to bring you money? Once some pple secure a column in d newspaper,or some cheap airtime on d radio,they think they know more than every other person out there. U can suggest what he should do with the money not paint him a 419 cos pple pay tithes in his church,the last time I checked, all churches collect tithes and offerings.

  11. The Bible gave account of two people in heaven. One being Lazrus the othe was Abraham. Pls which of them do u want to be when you get to heaven.

  12. The reason why no one is clamping down on the catholic or anglican churches as you have said is because the money they make is used for missionary works, true, the catholic church is the richest but have you seen a single entity enriching himself with the money? These money is sent out to help the poor and the needy and that is what true christianity is about, go read James for you to understand these. No one is forcing any individual to give to God, but what the money is used for is what is questioned, even in Nigeria today, the orthodox churches run the highest number of missionary works that even the pentecostals benefit in. The problem we have as christians is we adopt religion without questioning your reason for choosing the religion and that's why we have fanatics who are ready to destroy the very essence of this religon. Eddie hasn't done anything wrong, it is his own opinion, he isn't God also doesn't mean he shouldn't question a religious leader, our religious leaders shouldn't act like the pharisees who see themselves as small 'gods' who are unquestionable. Oyedepo might have helped people financially but can't he set up an organisation or ministry that helps more people with all these tons of money? Old people's home, hospitals, Is it wrong?. I am not saying he isn't a man of God, that isn't mine to say, I've seen people get blessed through him. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but being extremely wealthy with donations?? That is what the british media has a problem with, even foreign churches don't do this, get your facts right, if you enrich yourself with a charity fund, you will go to jail. Please, let's seek understanding before we jump the writer, ever wonder why ministries often loses it's prowess after the founding minister dies? . In all things, seek understanding.

  13. Financial analysis estimates that over 5Billion enters the banks every Sunday/Monday from various churches nationwide. The money does not reflect in the economy as being used. If you are building a school, you raise new project seed. If you are expanding outreach centres you make new altar call for offering.

    Does it occur to you that some Pastors have converted their money into Gold Bars in their mansions underground? Keeping it for AntiChrist? With members children out of school becos of N3,800 school fees in Public Schools as they could not afford the church schools which their offerings built. 80% of our members can't afford the Pentecostal Missionary Schools, only 20% can afford which are made up of some hones members and thieving members. You preach against corruption but your Universities are attended by mostly children of the corrupt.

    Shall we prepare ourselves for a Revolution in the church that will usher in a new era of Christianity!

  14. Yes, I am not only a Pastor but one that believes that Pentecostal Era has been corrupted, just like what Martin Luther did to bring Protestant, we need a new wave of Christianity. Tithe was a fine for eating from the earth that was cursed and Offering was a penalty for Sin, why are we still giving and why did Christ die? Have you gullible Christians been reading your bible?

    The Bible says "don't appear before me empty" yes, that was Old Testament, but in New Testament, the bible said they didn't come empty "They brought to Jesus, all manner of sickness and disease and he healed them all" why did He die? A full time student of theology knows that the Poor were not paying Tithe in Old Testament, becos they eat from the tithe of the rich in the temple. Now, with reckless abandon, everybody is tithed. A fool was saying that giving is not by force, when you wreck the concience of the poor about God's punishment for not tithing, that things will be tithe with him, what do you expect? FEAR is now a weapon in the hands of Preachers.


  15. Eddie, I hope you wrote your will before writing this article. I wonder where our intelligence has gone to. Pentecostal Members leave their brains at home and go to church while our Muslim brothers only leave their shoes outside the Mosque. They next Corrupt sector after the govt is the Churches.

    Until the last stone from the last church falls on the last Pastor, Christianity will not begin talkless of Christ coming

  16. Everyone seems to be writing something about Oyedepo. Hmmm. Just one question Mr Eddie Iroh, what is d highest form of Transportation during Jesus's time. If u are conversant with the Bible u will recal that Jesus sent for a donkey that has never been rode before, we can liken that to a brand new car in our present time. I don't think dre is any other form of transportation during Jesus time, except for donkey and horses and other animals. Just my own opinion sha ooo

  17. I have no issue with Mr Eddie Iroh on his comments about any Pastor or Bishop. I am glad that he acknowledged that Religion is a PERSONAL MATTER so let it be. The Bible also let us understand that it is "To you accordinding to your FAITH". God is not a magician therefore anyone that allowed him or herself to be duped by any Pastor is on their own.

    The Catholic, Anglican and Methodist Churches that brought Christianity to us did not print the money they used and are still using to propagate the gospel. It is money donated by human beings so the Oyedepo's, Adegboye's and Copeland's of this world will always be part of the world.

    I will urge Mr Eddie Iroh to read the Bible and stand on ONLY one of God's Promises to prove that God is still God. Catholic Church remain the wealthiest Church in the World upon their scandals yet no one had vilified them as they do to those that preach the gospel today.

    I rest my case.

  18. Honestly when I started reading I was like hmmm… Winners will be out to make mince meat of d writer and I am not surprised at some of your comments. But truth be told, let us all strip ourselves of every form of bias, winner or not. The Gospel remains one either in ancient or modern times and if Christ is indeed d role model then we should really not be ignorant but instead take a critical look at what's going on in churches else we shall indeed perish for lack of knowledge and sometimes we think we have knowledge but we don't. I enjoyed and like the piece.

  19. Mr iroh . I think you lack the fundamental theological knowledge to attempt a discourse of this nature. first, your quotation of Scriptures makes me doubt if you went through any foundation class in any Christian assembly. secondly your self assumption of superior knowledge of what is right more than thausands of intellectuals in winners chapel makes you look very proud. thirdly you fail to ask the members if they were forced to drop money in the offering baskets. you were just looking for recorgnition but sorry you chose the wrong topic and object of criticism. if you actually know the numbers of people whose lives are being changed every week in the church you would relize how big a losser you have been standing at the wrong side of the fence.

  20. Nobody is being forced to make those donations (physically) but then,they are weakened psychologically. If you are saying don't judge,remember "Rev King". He was also a man of ???.

  21. Your personal relationship with God determines how you give,without instructions from any man of God.one can be lead to give his all,obedience to that call attracts great blessings and do not give God what will not cost you anything,Its a personal thing but let's becriicizing God's ordained as His word said touch not mine anointed and do my prophet no harm.A word ofslander can bring untold punishment from God,let God,let God be the Judge..Givers should be led to give cos ifone follows the crowd you might not be blessed and remember it is good to give tithes and offerings,its God's command that we should bring meat to His storehouse,God doesn't need our money its just an avenue to bless us.It is well with us all as we read the word of God and get better understandong of His word.

  22. Your personal relationship with God determines how you give,without instructions from any man of God.one can be lead to give his all,obedience to that call attracts great blessings and do not give God what will not cost you anything,Its a personal thing but let's becriicizing God's ordained as His word said touch not mine anointed and do my prophet no harm.A word ofslander can bring untold punishment from God,let God,let God be the Judge..Givers should be led to give cos ifone follows the crowd you might not be blessed and remember it is good to give tithes and offerings,its God's command that we should bring meat to His storehouse,God doesn't need our money its just an avenue to bless us.It is well with us all as we read the word of God and get better understandong of His word.

  23. Nigerians and their myopic religious views….. Most of you just reacted the way the author predicted, the fact that Oyedepo is a pastor does not make him unquestionable.

    Instead of reading and ruminating on the article vis 'Jesus Christ rode on a donkey, the lowest form of transport at his time while todays prosperity preachers drive latest car models and private jets' you are all busy castigating the author. Dumb people!!! Mcheeew.

  24. Thanks for this piece. But one fundamental and objective question that needs to be asked is whether people who worship in Oyedepo's church either in Nigeria or in the UK are forced to make donations. I had the priviledge of worshipping at the same church you are talking about in Dartford, London some 2 months back and I can confirm to you that, although envelopes were given, nobody was forced to donate, and I personally did not give any thing, and I was not insulted or queried for that. Sincerely, I think those of you journalists who are writing about Oyedepo et al are just wasting your time and the earlier you realise this the better for you. In my own opinion, religion is a matter of faith and what you believe will definitely work for you. Many individuals give because they have personal convictions to give, and many of such just can't stop giving because of what they've seen God do in their personal lives. When I read stories like the one you wrote here, and I remember people have met who narrated to me how Oyedepo's church sponsored them throughout higher institution, it leaves me with the conclusion that people only see and hear what they want to see and hear, just to satisfy their sentimental thoughts and find supports for their already-made standpoints on issues. Most of the time your stories are one-sided and unbalance, which shows that you are only out to degrade your fellow human beings. Whether Oyedepo is doing it right or wrong is not for anyone to judge, he claims to be called by God and he will be judged accordingly, but one thing I know for certain is the fact there are many people who have been truly blessed and liberated by his ministry. Can you say that the tens of thousand who converge at his church every sunday are all fools and gullible, if there lives have not been touched positively in any way??? Let God judge him whether he's enriching himself or not. Do not judge. May the Lord help us all. Amen.

    1. People ll always talk no mata what.when one is makin progress they ll talk. N when one is also going thru tough periods they ll stil talk. D best thing is jst 4 one to luk ahead n ignore them.aw ur syd?

    2. HI Gideon Idowu I must say your write up is a fairly long one. However as good bible students I will like to refer you to the work of Paul the apostle with regards to happening within the churches of his time. We must be careful in these matters. Paul'swriting to the Corinthians was purely that of correction of habits, ideas and principles that seem way out of biblical and Christ principle. I must admit that the issue of giving is a personal one, but the church must be above board in the way we conduct our affairs. It isalright right that the bible require that no man should have in excess and none should have too little. The situation in our churches is far from being this way. first consider Christ, the great anchor of our faith and check out each time he had contact with the people….He even fed them himself….his teaching on giving were basically centered around giving to the poor in our midst as a way of giving to God. Second is his emphasis on giving to God…so that there be no lack in his household…would that be the situation of the church today? It is apt that because we have refused to correct ourself, the world is judging us today…..or what do you make of a pastor who tells you that you must give for your prayer to be answered? it is not a sound biblical teaching….the Lord himself said…whatever you ask in my name..my Father will give unto you… not all men in the church is equally strenghtened in fith…we must seek to protect the gullible…we must seek to point the wek in the direction of the cross….the aim of the people for giving to God must be out of love for the master and not becuse of what they can get back….The basis of our life and existence must not deviate from true worsship….which involved as Paul rightly said…first giving of ourself to God before giving our resources….Pastors must rightly point the congregation in this pathway…that is their primary responsibility…when people get the message, you won't have to teach about giving or as popularly seen in churches today, psyche the people up to make them give….

    3. We must re-examine the basis of our teaching, speak for the weak in our midst and give the gentle no occasion to pull away from God by our lack of modesty and our flagrant display of wealth which has become the order of the day in our places of worship…remember….if by reason of my eating a meat I cause my brother to fall…I should rather abstain from eat than permit the brother to go to hell. Giving is good my brother….but that is not the reason Christ apprehended us as Paul said in his letter to the Philippians. To this end I make my submissions.

    4. Thanks, many people like to give bad report/fake news about others. Judge not so dat U 'll not be judged.

    5. Thanks, many people like to give bad report/fake news about others. Judge not so dat U 'll not be judged.

    6. Thanks, many people like to give bad report/fake news about others. Judge not so dat U 'll not be judged.


  26. Because you are a Pastor yourself…… Right??

  27. If you are a poor Pastor people will call your God names. When God bless you, you are exploiting worshippers.

    The other man wrote about a war he was sentimentally involved in. What do you expect? A bias account of course.

    Before acting like you are an intellectual conquer your sentiments first.

  28. Why stayg in darkness & condeming d light? Pls. Go & read oyedepo's book titled 'all u need do to av all ur needs met', by d time u read it am sure u 'll b librated from ur reasoning & come out of ur obscured thinking.

  29. Eddie Iroh, even. IF Oyedepo is guilty as charged, it is not in your place to judge him. He has a master to whom he will give account. I guess you understand that in as much as I. Wish you are sacked, I can only wish; I am not your boss who weilds such powers. Until the one who called him condemns him, he stands innocent. The poverty level of Britain is as a result of their attitude towards God. Their fathers paid for the gospel to reach Africa and God blessed them; today, they have turned their backs on God and have become boothlickers! Americans yes men! Bishop Oyedepo is only helping them not exploiting them. For you, Eddie, I can only advice you to repent before its too late. Know that when you assume God's position as judge of His servants, you call judgment on yourself.

    1. 'Poverty level' in Britain??? Same as Nigeria abi??? Nigerians sha!!!!! LMAO

  30. Why bother yourself??? Do u hear his members complaining or not getting blessed? It is aout of the abundant blessings they received through his ministration that they pay their tithe an give generously. No one is cajoled or forced. Better get your facts right before you incur a curse on yourself.

  31. @Eddie iroh. U need to be informed that when pple give in the church they r only exercising their faith from the God point of view as spelt out in the Bible and not from the pastor point of view from his preaching. It takes understanding the Word of God to obey it. No one is being forced to give. No pastor forces out money from anyone's pocket. All ur talks depict u have little or no knowledge of God and His words.

  32. I find it funny when ℓ̊ read such things. First, do we know the religious inclination of the UK writer? Athiests would always have issues with religion and i believe the writer Ị̝̃̇S̶̲̥̅̊ one. Secondly, many speak against Bishop Oyedepo while they have never heard him preach or been to his church…someone even went as far as saying they bow to money kept on d alter during service,lolzzz! Why not make researches before you judge? Thirdly, are u defending God? Cos i know that those that did S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ in Bible times had themselves to blame. He Ị̝̃̇S̶̲̥̅̊ GOD almighty, he can defend himself!!!

  33. The writer lacks knowledge and does understand the scripture. ……my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….this is poor journalism. All the killings, flood, poor government, kidnapping, etc do not concern you but to run a man of God down….I leave you to God's judgement. I repeat you lack basic knowledge of the scripture and its provisions.

    The European brought xtianity to us theologically, but we got to know God spiritually……you lack knowledge…..people like you said much more about Kenneth Haggin ministries in US, but the truth eventually prevailed.

    I repeat, you lack knowledge and am afraid for the line you are following because when His judgement cometh……..

  34. I think the author has a point. Without naming any pastors or any particular ministry, I think we have to be honest and admit that the church has been turned into a commercial venture. There are very few true Christian pastors left, which is quite sad.

  35. I don't know why someone wuld just sit down and start writting junk. If you know the Bishop you wuld know he is someone who is passionate abt the kingdom of God and winning souls for God. He has liberated many lost souls, through the preaching of the word of faith. This is someone that doesn't get a kobo , from his books which are selling in millions of copies worldwide. This church has been in existence for over 30 years, it is not a new wave church. Infact last month prophetic focus, was it shal be well with the righteous. If someone is not born again can he be righteous?

  36. If all u r willilng to pay attention to the pastor who is preaching about prosperity then either u heard wat YOU CHOSE to hear or that pastor wasn't called by God becos we r not doing things in churches becos of the pastor but becos of God. Also pls pls pls ask around or listen to Bishop Oyedepo for once in your life; the man is more interested in the christian faith than ur pocket.nuff said.

  37. What is the grouse of the writer with Pastor Oyedepo, giving in the church or even at a party or social gathering is optional, also the young girl in question is not begging them to fight for her, even though they all do not know what benefit the girl got from the slap, I will like to refer the writer to smith wigglesworth books , if it were to be this generation he would hv been abused and many would have lost their blessings.

  38. "my neck on the chopping block for the guillotine, slipped a hangman’s noose round my neck, and tied myself to the stake ready for the firing squad. I say this in acknowledgement of the fact that when you dare to raise issues with a Nigerian’s religion, ethnic group or political allegiance, however valid your facts or the argument, you might as well be ready for all of the above." Eddie Iroh.

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