YNaija Editorial: Your life is more valuable than the ambition of any politician

The elections are almost upon us as the six week postponement period has almost elapsed. Sadly, there is desperation saturating the political atmosphere as politicians want to secure, or remain in power at all costs.

True, some of the politicians may be interested in improving our lives and society if voted into office, but most. However, whether Nigerians can make discerning choices, should be left to Nigerians, and all politicians should respect the rights of Nigerians if they are rejected at the polls, despite their intentions, good or bad.

In the event of them not being elected, the noble thing to be done is to concede defeat or head to court and try not to stifle the excitement that accompanies every democratic exercise in our country.

There have already been clashes between different party supporters even before the elections being held, and the politicians aren’t even helping the situation with their spewing of provocative statements and false accusations on a daily basis now, incidents which are usually construed as a signal for war by their staunch followers.

As one encounters the reports of some battles already staged even while the elections are still a couple of weeks away, one is deeply pained that in the event of any struggle between giant elephants, it is always the tender grasses that suffer and get destroyed.

What’s baffling is that, there are still people itching to put their lives on the line for selfish politicians who at the end of the day,
when hostilities have seized, would always find ways to amicably settle their differences and use the blood of those who had wasted their lives for them to negotiate juicy appointments for themselves. And what would be the fate of the grasses they had crushed when the battle was raging? Who will reserve a care in the world for those nursing life-threatening wounds sustained during the battles fought on their behalf?

The Nigerian youth ought to have realized by now that he has been deceived enough and used as a political tool by most politicians to accomplish their mission. Will he be deceived forever before he realizes himself? Some of his peers have had their lives even cut short for willingly doing the unhealthy biddings of unscrupulous and selfish politicians. Must other youths allow that to be their fate too before they realize that the fellows using them do not attach any value to their lives? Must this continue to happen again and again?

It is time Nigerian youth ask themselves how and where many of their fathers and mothers that had danced to the tune of these politicians and helped them execute their self-serving designs are today. What impact did their association with these fellows make on their families and society?

A simple advice to Nigerian youths today is: You have a choice in this matter! You can refuse to die the death which man and the devil have designed for you. You do not need the kind of politicians we see around today to be whom you should become. Most of them have rather influenced the lives and future of many young people in the wrong direction, an evil they would not even contemplate for their own children. You get to realise that the so called politician you are willing to lay your life for has already packaged his family members to a safe land elsewhere.

The politician that works so hard to ensure that there is pre-election or post-election violence or both, does not care how many young adults remain or are cut down in their prime as they seek to realize their ambitions? For many of them, their familiar refrain is that blood must flow if things do not work out the way they had anticipated, but whose blood? Of course, not theirs or that of their children or relatives. Yes, you are at liberty to cherish and openly defend your political candidate, but do so with caution for your life is worth way more than their political ambition. So, you had better open your eyes. Do not fall prey.

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