The Film Blog: Let’s just end the Isoken-Wedding Party comparisons right now

Today we saw a post by the good folks at Zikoko saying Isoken looks like The Wedding Party and we are here to vehemently disagree. Not just with the suggestion of similarity – which we think it is far too early to tell about – but the notion being purported by many others that Isoken is ‘copying’ The Wedding Party, or that the success of ‘The Wedding Party’ inspired the makers of Isoken to rush and shoot their own ‘wedding’ film.

It’s not entirely out of the question – this is Nigeria, after all – but anyone who understands how movie production and releases in Nigeria work can tell it’s a ridiculous idea.

First of all, Isoken doesn’t appear to be about a wedding at all. Sure, there’s a wedding in it, that much is clear, but it looks like the story is much broader in scope. Also, Isoken doesn’t appear to be a slapstick comedy in the way The Wedding Party is.

Isoken was also shot in July 2016 (according to set pictures on Instagram) long before The Wedding Party was released or anyone had even seen a trailer for it.

It’s a tiny issue, of course, but we really need to broaden our minds when it comes to Nigerian movies. The tiniest of similarities don’t mean they’re the same.

That aside, here are two new teasers for Isoken which are serving to maintain our excitement.


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