“For my area PHCN isn’t treating us too well o” – Full text of YNaijaInterview with Naeto C


This week’s edition of the #YNaijaInterview was with ace musician Naeto C. Radio presenter, singer and songwriter (among many other things) Tosyn Bucknor (@toptosyn) drilled him on a number of topics, from politics to video games.

Check it out!


@YNaija: @NaetoC, let’s start with the obvious. What’s changed since the wedding #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: I like to keep personal things personal ☺ but things have only changed for the better

@YNaija: #FanQuestion @NaetoC MWD_NG wants to know how you proposed to your wife! #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Same answer, I like to keep personal things personal

@YNaija: @NaetoC Naija music is on fire at the moment! What do you love about it, and what still isn’t working? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: I love the fact that upcoming artists are embracing their ethnic identities so well, its increasingly become cooler to be more Nigerian than western

@NaetoC: Its always easier to complain about what isn’t working to be honest but all in all the industry is still growing so nothing can be perfect

@YNaija: @NaetoC another #FanQuestion… Do you still play video games? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Yes but not as much as I used to

@YNaija: @NaetoC, there are some great movies coming out these days. Which ones will you be on the queue for? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Hmmm, maybe the new Men in Black movie

@YNaija: @NaetoC pls complete the following sentences. “On stage I am… ” #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Focused!

@YNaija: #FanQuestion from @iamkunski for @NaetoC- will u consider any major role  in a nollywood movie? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: No I wouldn’t, I don’t have any interest in acting #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @NaetoC it’s April, few months after. Would you say #OccupyNaija was effective? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Depends on what is deemed as effective, however it always commendable to see people come together for a positive cause, its stuff like that, that helps change society for the better

@YNaija: @NaetoC more sentences! “I’d rather…than…” #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: I’d rather the iphone over the blackberry #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @NaetoC “My favourite day of the week is…because…” #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Sunday, I get to go to church, watch football, there’s no work and everywhere is calm

@YNaija: So it’s a “no” to acting. How about politics @NaetoC? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Politics is interesting, I wouldn’t want to be a politician just yet tho, mayb in the future #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @NaetoC another sentence- “The best advice I got was…” #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Can’t remember the best cuz I’ve got many but its between, praying, working hard, staying humble, saving and cutting your coat according to your size

@YNaija: @NaetoC which 5ve guests (dead or alive) would YOU love to have on YOUR chat show? And why? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: I don’t like chat shows so its difficult to answer this #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @NaetoC You seem to be the king of the catchphrases… How does turning a catchphrase into a hook work? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Your going to have to pay me b4 I answer that 1 lol #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @NaetoC which 5guests (alive or dead) would you have at an exclusive lunch, and why? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Tambuwal, Dangote, Fela, Obasanjo, Goodluck Johnathan and Nnamdi Azikiwe (that’s 6 sorry), I think they are all interesting people and would have tons of wisdom and interesting stories to share

@YNaija: : #FanQuestion for @NaetoC from @ThisIsJohnBest: “what’s the best thing that has happened to you while performing?” #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: When I performed in Blantyre, Malawi last year, the crowd was so hype that they broke the barricades, chased away the security and their dogs and rushed to the stage

@YNaija: @NaetoC how do you deal with negativism and bad reviews? #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: Its comes with the territory, whenever you succeed in entertainment you have to prepare to be crucified, negativity and bad reviews only remind me of what I have been blessed to accomplish #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: Last sentence @NaetoC. Pls complete this- “For my area…” #YNaijaInterview

@NaetoC: For my Area Phcn isn’t treating us too well o

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