From the men: 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be surprised if Denzel Washington cheated on his wife

by X – Man


…. a man’s faithfulness comes down to the number of options.  If women are throwing it at him every single day, everywhere he goes, he’s probably going to take it at some point.  

The recent report that Denzel Washington may have not been a perfect husband has surprised a lot of people.  Denzel has always carefully cultivated the image of the unassuming family man, as if he never even realized that millions of women around the world wanted to sleep with him.  But the images being reportedly shopped of him smooching up close with a blonde bombshell have shocked the world, and it all came out right as Denzel was on the cover of Ebony Magazine for having one of the strongest marriages in all of Hollywood.

If this is true, I wouldn’t be surprised by any of this.  Most people want to believe that there is a perfect marriage out there just waiting for them, where nothing goes wrong and men never make mistakes.  That’s like the man who spends his life searching for the woman who has never had an erotic thought about another man in her life.   If you’re looking for that marriage, then stay asleep, because you’ll only see it in your dreams.  Here are five reasons you shouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that Denzel did cheat on his wife, Pauletta:

1) Because he is an international *** symbol:  Chris Rock always says that a man’s faithfulness comes down to the number of options.  If women are throwing it at him every single day, everywhere he goes, he’s probably going to take it at some point.  This is really true if his wife is getting on his nerves and the other women are young and beautiful.  You think it’s all about will power, but it’s more complicated than that.  Denzel had plenty of options, so there is a good chance that he’s taken one of them.

2) Because things happen over the course of a 30 year marriage:  Marriages have ups and downs, and as Denzel said in his interview with Ebony, “People give up too easily.”  Young people don’t have half the heart it takes to grind it out for three decades, as Denzel has done with his wife.  The first sign of infidelity or discomfort and they are gone.  That’s not going to get you through 30 years together, I promise.

3) Because cheating doesn’t always mean that the person doesn’t love you:  For a lot of women, what you do sexually is connected to how you feel emotionally.  Maybe you enjoy sex more if you are close to the person or are more willing to cheat if your emotional needs aren’t being met.  Men aren’t usually like that.  A lot of men want other women just because they are there.  They don’t always need to feel close to the person they sleep with, and don’t always need to have something wrong in their current relationship for them to want something physical on the side.  The funny part is that a man might have a lot of physical relationships but never want to leave his wife, mainly because she is the only one who has the keys to his heart.  So, the other women are always second to the woman at home.

4) Because almost nothing is what it seems to be:   People love to pretend that their marriages are wonderful, then you find out that they aren’t after they go to divorce court.  Hollywood actors love to send out images to the world of their perfect lives, only to have the image shattered when you find out that many of these marriages are scams. Don’t believe the hype, since marriage can be a serious grind.

5) Because Denzel appears to be dedicated to his wife:  Denzel is one of the most wanted men in the world.  He could have left his wife years ago for a dedicated 25-year old who worships the ground he walks on. Yea, it would have cost him money to leave, but he can afford it.  Instead, he chose to stand by the mother of his children because he loves her deeply, dedicating his life to one relationship when he may have wanted something else.  So, even though we can’t say for certain if he was faithful or not, we can definitely say that he loves this woman to death.  That’s what makes him a good man.


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