HIV Alert: Those seemingly harmless symptoms could be the deadly virus


Some of the symptoms of HIV are so common that you wouldn’t even think about getting tested due to their presence. The symptoms can show up anywhere from a few days to years into the illness. This is why people should be tested for HIV often, especially if they are doing high-risk things such as sharing needles or unprotected “intimacy”. Here are some of the symptoms that could indicate HIV.

A constant fever could be a sign. Your body is trying to fight the infection off, so a constant fever will be present. Extreme fatigue is another warning sign. If you are unusually tired, this could indicate your system is fighting a very serious disease. Achy joints and muscles are usually a symptom of the flu, but they are also a symptom of HIV. The lymph nodes swell to fight infection causing this pain.

Sore throat and headache or a dry cough are other signs. If you have been involved in high-risk behavior preceding a sore throat or headache, it’s a good idea to get tested. One of the more tell-tale signs that the sickness is not a normal cold is a skin rash. This could show up at any time and indicate something serious,

In the media, people who have HIV are portrayed as having sunken in eyes and an almost anorexic appearance. Weight loss is a symptom of HIV, and can be serious towards the end of the disease. Most of the time this is caused by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It has been called “AIDS Wasting” in the past.

One of the more telltale signs is changes in the fingernails. They may thicken and curve, or may have dark lines running through them. Cold sores on the skin are a big warning that you should be checked out.

If you are a female, menstrual irregularities and yeast infections are a symptom. The problem with these symptoms is that they are common. If you have been involved in high-risk behavior, get tested often so you don’t have to second guess.


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