Hookers for Jesus? Meet the prostitute who has helped others turn to Jesus

by Rachel Ogbu

Annie Lobert

How can one be a prostitute and then be a “a virgin in Christ?”

Annie Lobert, an ex prostitute has appeared in a new video in which she shares how she became “a virgin in Christ”.

Before turning her life around, Lobert worked on the streets for 16 years. She is now a new woman in Christ and wants to help as many other women find their away to Jesus as possible.

Now 44 years old, Lobert who has survived cancer and drug addiction shares her story which starts with a troubled childhood, growing up in an abusive home. She admits to looking to boys at school to boost her self esteem. She tells a emotional story of getting intimate with a boy who told her he would marry her and then finding out he had told the same story to her best friends and they had all been intimate with him.

After high school graduation, at the tender age of 18, Lobert left home and went to Minneapolis. She says:

”I had to work three jobs to have my own place and buy a car. I thought if I had nice clothes and went to the clubs, maybe I could meet a rich guy that would sweep me off my feet and would take care of me like a prince would. I thought money was the answer to the deep seated, rooted unforgiveness towards my dad, towards that boy in school. I just wanted revenge.”

 She describes going into prostitution for the money. One night she says she and a friend sold themselves to some Japanese clients and that is how the prostitution started. Suddenly her $3.47 per hour wage, at her job, paled in comparison to the “$500 per hour with no attachment, no relationship, $1000 per hour, now it was $2000 per hour, it gave me this immense power and if you wanted me for the night it was $10,000.”

Lobert describes being beaten by a man who said he loved her, suffering through cancer and chemotherapy and overdosing on coke before finally realizing that she needed a savior.

”I went completely blind. It’s like the whole room, the light that was on in that room turned dark. And I remember lying there and I felt like this demonic presence just come over me… I knew it was over. And I saw my family, I saw my funeral, and I was in the coffin. And everybody was crying. They were wiping their faces, and they were saying, ‘She was just a prostitute.’

The former prostitute say she remembers calling out saying,

”Jesus, please save me. I do not know if you are real, but I don’t want to die. …And I knew that Jesus heard my prayer. And I laid there and I had this peace come over me,  that was nothing like I had ever felt in my entire life. I knew God gave me a second chance.”

After getting better, Lobert shared that she started reading her bible and reluctantly going to church. She felt reluctant because she was “an ex-prostitute.” In church she found that she was accepted and embraced.

In January 2005, Lobert founded Hooker For Jesus to help victims of  sex trafficking, sexual violence, and exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry. In June 2009 her and Oz Fox, a guitarist in the heavy metal Christian band Stryper, got married.

Lobert concluded her story in just three lines:

“Little girl lost, thought no one loved her, thought no one wanted her, ran away from her castle. But God met her on that dark road. He said, ‘You can come home now. I am right here and I never left you.’”

Watch Joyce Meyer interview Annie Lobert, Hookers For Jesus

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