Dear Saraki, you feel the pains of recession too? Pray, do tell how?

Senator Bukola Saraki says he and other leaders of Nigeria feel the pains of this recession.

Really funny, sir. Hard to imagine what you leaders are going through right now. What could have possessed a Senate leader in the ‘Federal Republic of the Most Expensively run Government’ to say such.

But just before we all get on Twitter to provide the proper amount of #clapback to this #shade he has thrown our way, let’s give him some benefit of doubt. Let’s take a look at Bukola Saraki’s life to see how much of this recession has hit him.

Shall we?

Saraki has just returned from a trip overseas. 

No let’s not be quick to judge. He just really needed a break from all the stress of governing in these difficult times. The difficult task of being a Nigerian legislator must be taking a toll.

Seeing as we’ve all been doing so much work for very little pay. Besides, everyone needs a break. And if your job gives you room to extend your holiday, why not?

Welcome back, Mr Senate President, sir. Don’t worry about the power outage in your mansion. Just one of the things we all are enduring during the hard times.

Speaking of the trip …

He just has not told us but it was most likely a trip to one of the IDP camps in the North East. On an Aero flight.

The trip was  not just a time away from the stress of the hustle and bustle of city life in the serenity of the verdant scenery that makes up most of North-eastern Nigeria right now. He surely must have taken some time out of his relaxation to to visit the IDP camps. You know, recon in preparation for the many bills to alleviate their suffering once Senate resumes.

Oh wait! 

The legislators resume when again?

“Once we resume, we will continue to play our own role to ensure that things get better.”

And speaking of salary cuts …

Is there a class of Nigerians in any political divide not experiencing that? Horrible bosses every where, still paying so little even in these hard times.

Surely there can be “no Nigerian with blood flowing through his veins”, still, NGN2.48 million annual basic salary. saraki-buhari

To be fair though, what if the the Senate President earns NGN2.48 million? What can NGN2.48 million buy? Which aptly explains why he needs all the bonuses.

Saraki has also been with us on the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira campaign since February.

Judging by his pinned tweet, the Senate President, like the rest of us, must also find it hard to come by affordable foreign products. In fact his his kids must all be in Nigerian schools, since he can no longer afford to get the dollars required to fund their foreign schooling.

As  you all give the appropriate response to @bukolasaraki’s statement, remember that “with prayer, insha Allahu, we will overcome it. The most important thing is for us to stay together and give the President support and continue to believe in this great country that we all have and be rest assured that we will all weather the storm and scale through together.”

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