“I am far from controversial; that’s just media imagination” – Full text of #YNaijaInterview with Toni Payne

Toni Payne is in many ways an entertainment industry guru, earning the titles of Manager, Publicist and now On Air Personality.

She has been in the news this week for her new TV reality show, My Champayne Life and yesterday, Joy Bewaji (@joybewaji) took over our twitter and got her to talk about recent events, motherhodd, the music industry, her new show and her life. Check out the full transcript below.

@YNaija: @tonipayne, welcome to #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: “My Champayne Life” will premiere soon. Why should Nigerians be interested in watching your reality show? cc: @tonipayne #YNaijaInterview

@tonipayne: @YNaija That most don’t understand me or wot av achieved, my work shud inspire but dnt I don’t see it so why not do it

@YNaija: @tonipayne Is there a mind-set (people have about you) that you are trying to alter with your reality show?

@tonipayne: @YNaija: not really.. It documents my work alone so its more like, if sum1 learns or gets motivated then im ok wit dat

@YNaija: @tonipayne “Champayne Life” suggests glamour, glitz &excitement. R we going 2 get a good dose of dat?

@tonipayne: @YNaija its suggestive. Wot I view as a Champayne life cud be d simplicity of being myself not necessarily Glitz etc

@YNaija: @tonipayne What’s the fine line between being the controversial wife of a music star and a hardworking mother-of-one?

@tonipayne: @YNaija I am far from controversial. Datz media imagination. If u Talk to me personally for 1hr, its glaring I’m simple

@YNaija: @tonipayne wld we c u lose ur temper; flirt; spank Zion? Wld we c how ur marital issues must b hurting? Wat’ll kip us glued

@tonipayne: @YNaija you won’t see any of that. Like I said its a motivational piece centered around my work only

@YNaija: @tonipayne Work! Work!! Work!!! You have your hands dipped in almost everything. Where do you find the balance?

@tonipayne: @YNaija honestly I’m not sure. I just do wot I feel I have to do plus knowing I’m responsible 4 sum1 keeps me grounded

@YNaija: @tonipayne Are you officially back into the dating world?

@tonipayne: @YNaija hahaha well I get many offers but I havnt really taken the time to consider so I guess not. My priorities come 1st

@YNaija: @tonipayne It seems u r burdened wit too much ambition. do u not fear a strain in ur business&personal growth @ some point?

@tonipayne: @YNaija Well, wen I was approached 2do d show I asked d same thing. The answer I got was what convinced me to forge on. you only live once so why limit yourself worrying. I worry less and focus more on achieving wot my heart wants

@YNaija: @tonipayne I hear this often, but really, do you consider yourself a “fame-monger”?

@tonipayne: @YNaija not at all. Cos I’m free with people and also with life some mite see it as dat. I don’t go out of my way to seek it#

@YNaija: @tonipayne What has been your big-break running a music/entertainment management business?

@tonipayne: @YNaija oh boy! My big break in d industry my opinion is yet to come. I’m still hustling. Wen I can retire off my wrk ehenn

@YNaija: @tonipayne If you had another chance with estranged husband, 9ice, what would you do differently?

@tonipayne: @YNaija that’s between me and God

@YNaija: @tonipayne Insinuations dat u r a fiery bizwoman…wld dis contribute to d falling-out u’ve had wit a gud number of clients

@tonipayne: @YNaija I am yet 2 fall out with any client. I’m still friends with past clients, but in business/life u can’t avoid change

@YNaija: @tonipayne What’s the catch on Toni Payne online radio?

@tonipayne: @YNaija: u can tune 2 Toni Payne online radio all ova d world. I lived abroad so I know d feeling of wanting 2stay connectd

@YNaija: @tonipayne describe motherhood in three words.

@tonipayne: @YNaija motherhood in 3 words. Love! Fun! Responsibility

@YNaija: @tonipayne Good to have you back! What gets you up in the morning?

@tonipayne: @YNaija my responsibilities even if I have a free day the little man stll has to be fed and sent off to school lol

@YNaija: @tonipayne When was the last time you just let go and cried like a baby?

@tonipayne: @YNaija hahahaha wow! Like a baby? I dunno o. Can’t remember

@YNaija: @tonipayne What would you rather have: a great love that lasts a lifetime OR an amazing career where you go down in history?

@tonipayne: @YNaija: lol ill take a great love that lasts a lifetime WITH a man with an amazing career where we go down in history

@YNaija: @tonipayne When does all the hate (especially on social network) get to you?

@tonipayne: @YNaija it doesn’t get to me as much I dnt like dat I can’t fire back cos dat wud be settin a bad example. I sumtimes do tho

@YNaija: @tonipayne You are always on the move. Why do I feel a book – your memoirs – would be next? Correct?

@tonipayne: @YNaija lol I have toyed with the idea. I’m very unpredictable in dat sense, it cud happen and mayb it wud never happen

@YNaija: @tonipayne What’s your approach with a new client; how do you get them recognition?

@tonipayne: @YNaija iv build solid relationships over time so most times I present them to those I know wud help rub hands wi mine

@YNaija: @tonipayne with the platform you have built for yourself, what’s ur vision for the music/entertainment industry in Nigeria?

@tonipayne: @YNaija by Gods grace av managed 2 earn respect in d industry and hope to use it to influnce things d little was I can positivly

@YNaija: @tonipayne What do you imagine you look like through people’s eyes?

@tonipayne: @YNaija I was taught u can’t please all. To dos dat know me well I’m a good person, to some dat dont I’m bad. That’s Life!

@YNaija: @tonipayne finally, what’s d best piece of advice u received during d issues surrounding ur life, biz &fidelity in marriage

@tonipayne: @YNaija the best piece of advice wud be. Don’t do anything silly, be patient and leave all to God.

@YNaija: Thank you @tonipayne and best of luck with the new show! #YNaijaFridayInterview

@YNaija: And a big thank you to our guest interviewer for today and Thought Couture columnist, the amazing @joybewaji! #YNaijaFridayInterview


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  1. errrm ok I get that she's a 'focused' woman and mother. But when i tune in -if i tune in (what with the way she presents what to expect)- i would want to see something fun, some glamour, some realness, to relive me of the stress of my own WORK. Oh well, wish her well, i might get a tipsy-surprise by the champayne!

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