I want to export gay marriage around the world- David Cameron

by Rachel Ogbu


British Prime Minister, David Cameron has vowed to ‘export’  gay marriage around the world.

Recently, at a party to celebrate the passage of  legislation of gay marriage in Britain, he told a gay, lesbian,  bisexual and transgender reception in Downing Street of his personal pride at  legalising boasting that Britain was now ‘the best place to be gay, lesbian or  transgender anywhere in Europe’.

‘I’m personally proud of this. I  think it’s a really good step. I’ve told the Bill team I’m now going to reassign  them because, of course, all over the world people would have been watching this  and we’ve set something of an example of how to pass good legislation in good  time,” he said.

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‘Many countries are going to want to copy  this. I talk about how we’ve got to export more, so I’m going to export the Bill  team.

‘I think they can take it around the world.’

‘There’s work to be done talking to our  Commonwealth partners about decriminalising homosexuality in various  countries

‘I think of young children growing up at school, who might be uncertain about  their sexuality, knowing that now, in the highest place in the land – in  Parliament – we’ve passed this law that says that marriage is for you, whether  you’re gay or whether you’re straight. And that is so important to young people  growing up.’

However, the DailyMail reports that some of his MPs remain angry.

Former defence minister Sir Gerald Howarth  said the issue was ‘deeply divisive’ for the party accusing the Prime Minister of ‘seeking to  extol a fundamental change in society for which he has no mandate’ and which had  been rejected by his MPs.

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  1. One day we’ll look back on the homophobic 20th century like we look back on segregation laws etc. Can’t wait.

  2. Cameriun is already riuned and want to riun the united kingdom. Let's wait for god judgement on cameriune.

  3. Its been said dat d greatest lesspm from history is that man fails to learn from history. Didn't God destroy whole nations for dis type of pervasion in sodom nd gomorah nd we av sucg records in d bible, yet we refuse ti see d sign of d times. Romans 1:26-27 speaks of dis abomination that the british pm is so proudly speaking of exporting. In his heart of hearts can he really mean this or is he being m motivated by political gains or is he in league with the devil to rebel against God. I think more in favour of the later. The world really is near its end. Nigerians beware.hold on to whatever good u have in u nd dont allow tbese people to lead u astray. Many of them are on their way to hell nd only want company. Be in the company of saints on the way to heaven instead. The next thing that will be happening is that they will be asking us to deny tge almighty God and embrace some other form of worship or god. Then those who hold on firmly to Jehova nd their faith will be termed terrorists and law breakers. But God will deliver his people before the days become too evil to bear, lest the righteous turn and do evil.

  4. David Cameroun is just an idiot that should be ignored

  5. He is just ban idiot. No other word to describe this useless faggot. The MPs should kick him out. And I hope all his offspring become gays and lesbians.

    1. *an idiot

  6. Democracy should be redefine as”A government ruled by wisdom of God of Heaven for the freedom of the people by the people.shalom NIGERIANS.

  7. david need to shut up. he is creating problem for LGBT in Africa with statement like this

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