It may be difficult to tell if 5G is dangerous, but Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s theories definitely are


If you watched the recent video that has Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy church, expanding on his 5G theory, you are sure to feel a few things. Incredulity, amusement, disappointment, perhaps anger, but certainly fear.

Fear at the power of misinformation coming from one of the county’s most renowned religious leaders, and fear for the unsuspecting church masses who will receive this information without question. Religion in Nigeria is that powerful, we are all aware of this. It is an influence to many life choices the average theist Nigerian decides to adopt and crucial to the detriment of or the uplifting of our fractured society.

This latest video which is a sequel to the Master Class “the healing faith minister” gave a few days ago, provided more context to his insistence of the grand scheme, which is the introduction of 5G network into Nigeria. This grand plan, in summary, is being perpetuated by top network providers in conjunction with the Federal Government of Nigeria to infiltrate all parts of the country, infect users and sell vaccines to rectify the illness the 5G must have caused. In his words, “what killed people in Wuhan, China was not the virus, it was the 5G.”

We might want to deliberate on the blatant ridiculousness of this theory, but we must also consider the audacity, sitting comfortably beside a dangerous kind of irresponsibility. One that will encourage his church members and the public to discredit factual information and run along with hastily conceived notions of an elaborate plan to ‘end the world.’ From the look of things, people are beginning to buy into his theories and there is nothing sadder to see.

One question a lot of Twitter users are asking though is – if this were possibly true, who would really gain anything from infecting people through technological advancements? Conceding that he is a renowned Minister of the Gospel, where are videos, images or other kinds of hard facts to prove this latest update to the never-ending conspiracy theory? As a Ph.D. holder, the ‘Man of God’ knows more than anyone else that he has to move beyond throwing up theories without substantial proof.

Religious leaders have as much power as they do because of collective disbelief in a system that works, but regardless, that power should not be misused. It should aim to save lives, rather than stoke panic and possibly cause people to disregard thoroughly proven information.


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