It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Yerimaaan! Senator Sani ‘Superhero’ Yerima like you’ve NEVER seen him before (WATCH)

by Oge Okonkwo

Sani Yerima

Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima  is given special prominence as a superhero with the name ‘Yeriman’ in an episode of  What’s Up Africa, a political  satire on African issues hosted on Radio Netherlands Worldwide by Ikenna Azuike.

The senator has been receiving criticisms for his role during the debate on amending the Nigerian constitution regarding the age limit for rejection of citizenship and child marriage.

‘Yeriman’ as he was reportedly called in the episode is portrayed as a short-lived superman.

Watch video below:

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  1. This was why i said in a column that ‘the closer a state in nigeria is to northern state, the farther it is from western civilizations and the closer it is to primitive and mundane traditions’. This is a statement of fact. Somebody somewhere is trying to spot ‘Boko Haram’ but their coordinator is just here. Yerima to me is a devil incarnate.

  2. You can decide to redicule the man, but to us the Muslims, he is a hero. What ever you say or do, no muslim will ever cease that belief for anything in the world.
    Anything this sensitive that is of faith should not be toyed with. We the muslims will never allow anybody to stampede on our laws that we consider greater than the constitution just like the Bible is to the christians.

    1. Paedophile. Goat. Sleep with your underaged sister 1st.

    2. Listen to yourself, you mean your belief should supercedes our own country contitution or guides it through like giving a child below 18 years into marriage…sincerly, you all need JESUS, simple.

    3. @ Narudeen I am shocked that u open ur mouth to support what Sen. Yerima is doing, trust me I have nothing against the man just his bill, but let’s be realistic u don’t expect a law that was made when men were savages to still hold till now, the people in Dubai and other developed Arab countries do they still marry children or ur muslin brodas in America and the uk. Please let’s stop using religion and beliefs as a base for doing the wrong thing. I pray u kill all intentions of marrying a child cos it won’t end well for u,

      1. I respect your views since you made them objectively. I find it a duty to respectfully tell you that the law through which that pronouncement is made to the muslims is purely for muslims and no one else.
        A lot of people misunderstand that law deliberately for the simple fact that it was not from the other way round. As it is, I’m a muslim with two wives. The first one I married at the age of 26, while the second at 23. If you make the calculation very well, to you that is not conversant with the Islamic religion, what do you make of my own marriage time frame? Mind you, it is said that in Islam, it is believed that when a girl attains maturity, she should be married off in order to protect her from satanic tendencies. It is not that when she gets married off that she must be slept with depending on her class of maturity. Most marriages in the muslim world are done when a girl reaches your supposedly adult years.
        What then is a problem here? Belief is belief wether Islam or chriatianity and all ways there- in must be respected.

        1. I am glad u got married to matured women and from the way you sound I know you would give out your daughters at the rightful age. My problem is not the marriage aspect is the part where they sleep with this children in the name of she’s my wife, in every part of Nigeria they marry out children but the man comes for his wife when she’s of the right age and can bare children without any complications, and from what I heard that the girl Yerima married has a child now or is pregnant which to me and many other people is wrong.

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