“It’s a pyramid scam”: Great grandson of Scientology founder calls it a “dangerous cult”

by Rachel Ogbu

Jamie DeWolf, great-grandson of the founder of Scientology is calling the belief system “absolute poison,” reports say.

DeWolf who has been a long standing critic of the church said consequences resulting from his departure meant he would be hunted for the rest of his life but just like him, his grandfather who had once been a high-ranking member of the church, fled the “dangerous cult” after becoming “disgusted” with what he saw behind the scenes.

According to reports, DeWolf who had a passion for writing at such a young age, was often shown L. Ron Hubbard’s science fiction books as family inspiration, but he was never told of the religion as his family tried to escape it.

DeWolf soon discovered the meaning behind the sci-fi books, and naturally he wanted to learn more about his family’s history. But his family protested, and gave him a stern warning.

“My uncle said it was like poking a sleeping dog. The Scientologists didn’t know who I was or where I was, so why should I take the risk? My family was very wary.”

“Immediately they came after me and came to my door and were hunting me down. They had a whole cover story. They told people that they did a show with me and that they were promoters, fellow poets and artists. They were just lying to everybody. I had private investigators following me. It’s possible my phone line had been tapped. They fight nasty. Part of it actually is a certain malicious glee in going after their targets.”

Speaking about the founder who was his great grandfather, DeWolf said he became:

“…more and more unhinged in his last days. He was lost in his own little wonderland, surrounded by this armada, this dark security force. He was totally lost.”

DeWolf remarked in the East Bay Express: “Scientology is the most brilliantly engineered pyramid scam I’ve ever seen. L. Ron Hubbard — you can never say that he was an idiot, by any means. He was very intelligent, very sort of evil, malicious; a sort of overman, his will against the world.”

DeWolf also performed an expose piece called ‘The God and the Man’ in an effort to let world know what the church was really about.

“I’ve met people who’ve had 20 years of their lives utterly destroyed by this cult. They have relatives they can’t speak to any more, lost their kids, lost their house. It’s become very serious to me. For me to even speak out on my own genetic legacy and to be aware that I could absolutely threatened and hunted for that, that really emboldened me. I’m not gonna die with these secrets and they should be exposed.”

The church has reacted saying basically DeWolf is a clueless liar.

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