“It’s madness of the highest order!” See 10 famous Nigerians who have spoken against gays

by Rachel Ogbu

The international community and human rights activists are calling for Nigeria to reconsider the bill prohibiting same-sex marriage.

But Nigerian Senate President, David Mark and many other celebrities in Nigeria have maintained that the bill prohibiting same-sex marriage must be passed.

According to a statement issued by Mark’s Chief Press Secretary Paul Mumeh, the Senate President told the Catholic faithful and guests at a recent civic reception that despite the pressure from some quarters, the law banning same-sex marriage will be enacted.

Mark was quoted by Mumeh to have said: “We will not compromise on this. I want to invite you all to join the crusade of decency in our society. There are many good values we can copy from other societies but certainly not this one (same-sex marriage).

“We have to prove to the rest of the world, who are advocates of this unnatural way, that we Nigerians promote and respect sanity, morality and humanity. Every individual is a product of the union of a man and woman.”

An overwhelming number of religious and socio-cultural groups across Nigeria have been unequivocal in their opposition to same-sex marriage which some foreign countries are openly urging Nigeria to accept.

Such opponents include Christian denominations as well as Muslim groups all of which have voiced their rejection of the pressure from some sections of the international community for Nigeria to change its stance. Among them is the Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh who has repeatedly opposed the move, saying same-sex marriage is not biblical and therefore unacceptable.

On kicking against same sex marriage, Senator George Sekibo stated that it would be unthinkable for anyone to refer to two of his male colleagues as husband and wife and informed that “even animals have not degenerated to that level”. Senator Domingo Obende added that “gay marriage will cause sexually transmitted diseases, childlessness, old age-loneliness and mental problems”.

There is also opposition to gay relationship in the Nigerian entertainment industry. In an interview, Tony One Week revealed he took a break from the movie industry because he could not stand what he called an appalling epidemic called homosexualism. “I mean it is crazy. Before now it was lesbianism, now it is homosexuality. It is crazy, stupid and ungodly.”

Nollywood Actor, Pat Attah was quoted to have said; “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” Nigeria musician, Soul E apparently described being gay as “satanic. It’s madness of the highest order, and finally, anyone that is involved needs to see a doctor.”

Mekxo, another Nigeria musician reportedly said the rate of homosexuality was getting out of control. “Homosexuality is a sick illicit lust forbidden by God. God created men to be husbands of wives, and women to be wives of husbands not the other way round. My advice to people involved in such an evil act is now is not too late to change your ways, confess your sin to God, He will forgive you.

When blogger, Sheifunmi wrote a  story about Davido’s father, the music star was furious and went on a homophobic rage attack on twitter, insulting the blogger:

In another interview with GoldenIcons TV in Houston Texas, US, Nollywood actor, John Okafor, 52 popularly called Mr Ibu could not contain himself. “I am sorry if my friends are involved. It is a virus and it is killing our industry. If there is any way in this world that people can make them stop it or kill it, please do it. God will punish you, because God did not advise you to do it. God designed woman and dashed us for free,” he stated.

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