Konnectors, the merchants of romance brings you ‘Together but apart’ on Valentines

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by Isi Esene

Many marriages are weak at its joints. Its becoming more like a business not a relationship as it is meant to be.

The features below mirrors the lives of upwardly mobile professionals whose careers are paramount to them; who find it difficult creating that quality time needed to nurture a lasting relationship.

“I am a hard-working entrepreneur with two companies and my wife, a tough-minded lawyer who works in a real estate law firm. We have achieved success throughout our lives. Yet, we have been unable to duplicate the success in our marriage.

“I was working till seven o’clock at night, and that defined who I was… my career being successful,” “while she at the same time was working non-stop too.

“We got married, and then we just kept on with our lives. Nothing really changed other than the fact that we live in the same house. I just had no idea what her expectations were, and we never really talked about it. I mean, it sounds so dumb, but I do more research into buying a piece of property as a lawyer than I did getting married.”

In fact, we tried to keep ourselves preoccupied by working long hours, enjoying hobbies, and taking on projects, such as building a new house. But no amount of distractions could buffer the mounting frustration that resulted from years of unmet needs. “Divorce was something I thought about at least four or five times a week,” T.J. admitted. “I mostly tried to work through in my mind how to do it and what consequences to prepare for with family and friends. The scariest thing for me was the prospect of living the way we were for the next thirty or forty years.”

Hmmm…. Lagos, Nigeria is a part of the country where an average professional spends over 12 hours at work (This includes time spent preparing for work and the ‘unavoidable’ hold up you encounter while going back home from work).  Thus, more than 50 per cent of our life time is spent in the office with colleagues who have different backgrounds, worldviews, emotions etc.

Let’s just take a minute to imagine how long we spend together in a day trying to agree, collaborate, brainstorm, solve problems, and sell products together….

The reality then is if we do not create a deliberate strategy for intimacy and communication with our spouses, we would be flirting with the risk of earning the title; “Together but apart,” because all it takes to have a failed relationship is to stop oiling and shining your spouse.

We ‘The 1st MERCHANTS OF ROMANCE’ are SURPRISE GIFT DELIVERY EXPERTS sent to help COUPLES sustain a lifestyle of ROMANCE in their relationship and marriage.

We believe that GREAT NATIONS evolve from GREAT HOMES, so please give us the privilege to serve a ‘ROYALTY’ like you on VALENTINES DAY; we would help package and deliver your gift in STYLE and CLASS.

At Konnektors’ every GIFT delivered is a HOME BUILT. We are trained to LOVE what you LOVE.



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