Ladies: These are the 7 things your man really wants from you

The male species are a genuine source of confusion to the women folk, regardless of how much they might pretend to understand the male mind and its inner workings.

Every guy has his quirks and preferences, but are really not that complicated, when you pay attention. Now, since guys have a completely different ways of expressing their desires than women do, how can a girl ensure she’s really playing her part and giving him all he needs?

1. Give Him Space
There’s a fine line between loving him and being clingy. Men absolutely love when you pay attention to them and text them 15 times a day, but sometimes take a chill pill. Here’s the 411. They need some time alone too, to achieve personal goals, chill with friends. The difference may be how much space they need and when they need it.

He’s not texting you or hasn’t picked your calls all day– this doesn’t mean the brother ‘ain’t love you no more‘. Guys are bad at multitasking so give us the benefit of the doubt and don’t take it too personally when we only have the ability to focus on the immediate task at hand.

2. Have His Back
True talk? Nothing makes a man flush red like when you stand up for him, nothing sends a message to a guy like standing up for him and defending him when the situation arises. I’m not talking about life threatening situations but the less threatening ones that count

You’re at a party with friends and they make snide or mean comments about him, if you defend your guy and show him that you’re emotionally there for him, it will increase his confidence and he will feel more emotionally attached to you.

3. Call Out His BS
Keep your man firmly rooted in common sense, he may not show it, but he really does appreciate when you do this. Tell him if you think that idea is shitty, or show him the cons when he’s so excited and only seeing the pros, not in a rude or condescending manner but with love.

P.S : If he has the humility to recognize that, he will adore you for it.

5. Value His Opinion
Guys have opinions and they want to be heard. They want to feel they matter and their ideas are respected. Guys are programmed to need to feel respected in order to feel good about themselves.

Valuing his opinion translates to you respecting him. Dismissing his opinions will break his heart and problems will definitely follow. A man who feels respected, feels valued, and the more he feels valued, the more energy he can bring to your relationship.

5. Keep Him On His Toes
Keep him excited and interested by shaking things up from time to time. And this doesn’t translate to sex or solely sexually related.  Anything as simple as surprising him with tickets to an event, or a small gift. This demonstrates that you’re thinking about him and thinking about ways to satisfy him.

6. Appreciate His Efforts
If you’re with a guy who lives far away but travels to see you, or does anything that saves you time, money, or any sort of worry, make it known to him that you acknowledge and appreciate what he’s doing.

Another easy way to do this is to remember to say thank you for things like doors held open and restaurant checks taken care of—they will notice. When you show appreciation, he will want to give even more to you.

7. Believe in Him
When a guy opens up to you and reveals his deepest desires,you must recognize that he’s being intimate with you. When a guy tells you about his plans for the future, realize that he’s scared you’re going to laugh or think it’s a stupid idea. Nothing will kill him faster than a girl who doesn’t believe in him. You’re his confidant and the one person he wants to share everything with. And if he doesn’t have your backing, whose does he have? He will never feel secure in his ability to live life to the fullest without your full support.

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