[The Legislative Blog]: Dear House of Reps members, thank you for buying “only” Peugeot cars

We’re not even here for the long talking today.

The “exotic car purchase” by the House of Reps is one matter that has been dragged for this long, we have murmured and disagreed to no avail. It has finally happened and at perfect timing too, the recession period. How thoughtful of the lower chamber to pull this kind of move at this crucial time!

But there’s one tiny element we should all laud the House of Representatives members for. That they settled for the Peugeot 508 brand…

We appreciate you. We honestly do…

We know from a Punch newspaper report in June this year that there was a major disagreement in the House over the choice of cars to purchase. A large number of members requested for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado jeeps in the footsteps of the Senate, where members had recently received this car type, at the time.

It was a case of “If Senate members can get jeeps, why not us?

House Speaker, Hon Yakubu Dogara was said to have brought the disagreement to a halt by declaring that funds for the desired car type could not be made available, as per the money required was to come from the 2016 budget. Our 2016 budget. The same one that the speaker is accused of padding.

So, back to our excuse for gratitude. We know now that the Peugeot 508 won and we’re glad that the House of Reps members could settle for this small car, in spite of their high and mighty status.  peugeot_508_on_hire_purchase1peugeot_508_saloon_driving_experience1

The House has made it known that the cars are solely for official duties and not for luxury and that’s acceptable. So we’ll be watching to see an improvement in their performances as these cars, as we’ve been told, are pivotal in carrying out their lawmaking functions. Isn’t this all we we’ve clamoured for?

Abeg enjoy the ride, guys!


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