The Media Blog: We love Inspector K, but its last episode was really bad

There’s a lot to love about Inspector K. It’s a pretty fantastic show. It is funny when it should be, mostly interesting, the photography is very often transcendent and the sound editing isn’t completely awful. However, Inspector K, like most things on God’s increasingly brown earth is not without its flaws.

The biggest, most glaring, impossible to ignore flaw is its last episode – the one where we discover the villain of the show’s first season. The show raised our hopes only to dash them with a brutal stroke. If you haven’t finished it and you’re terrified of spoilers this is the part where you leave.

From episode one to four we’re shown the circumstances behind the crime. The events make sense in that they follow each other with a measure of reason. We learn that the killer of the Linda Ikeji inspired blogger has fake nails, and the manly strength of a Rhino.

However, in the last episode, all attempts at suspense are thrown out the window. We learn almost immediately that the murderer is a Bobrisky level cross dresser and it’s done with all the subtlety of the explosion of a nuclear warhead. At that point, we could only think, what happened to the plot and the art of storytelling? Did one of the writers – the one with all the ideas – get a heart attack and die without telling the interns how it was supposed to be done?

That episode calls the quality of the rest of it into question, and this raises even more questions. Did the creators of Inspector K not know that it would only be five episodes long? To be perfectly frank, it was like a good shag that ended too soon because one of the shaggers experienced an almost fatal bout of premature ejaculation.

It just goes to show that a good thing with a bad ending, is an even greater shame than something which started off bad and ended up being horrible. In the world of television, you are only as good as your last episode.

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