Michael Orodare: Buhari should be behind bars now (Y! Politico)

by Michael Orodare


If Nigeria were to truly be a sane nation, the likes of the General should be behind bars and not making cheap comments he never allowed such during his rule as the Head of State.

Talk is cheap and in Nigeria today, I believe politics should rank second after football, as one of the veritable medium  of entertainment for Nigerians.

The Nigerian politics and its players – the politicians will be better as Nollywood actors. You hear them shout hosanna today, and crucify him tomorrow.

I used to think the greatest hypocrites are footballers when they are on the pitch, but have come to realise that this my long time belief is totally wrong. Nigeria opposition politicians are far more hypocritical than any professional footballer on the pitch.

Interestingly, they are not alone in this game of hypocrisy as they have an army of social media foot soldiers, who are ready to run you out of town when you fire a salvo at their paymasters. While Everyone has the right to defend his source of livelihood, there is always the need for decorum in one’s endeavours.

Unfortunately, These social media publicists are always swift at criticizing and condemning the activities of the party in government, in their claim of statesmanship, yet unrepentantly done in an un-statesmanship manner.

They will claim since they were born, the nation has never had it so bad like it is now. Maybe we need to scream it to their ears that many of us are students of history.    We have heard and read about their antecedents when they held sway.               How they were absolutely intoxicated by power. Not minding whose horse is gored. How they converted state machinery for their own selfish gains at the detriment of the general public.

These hypocritical opposition leaders are led by  Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, General Muhammadu Buhari (the man who still takes glory in his braggadocio claim of an army general, decades after retirement), who have little or no regard for the rule of law and fundamental human rights while they were in office.

I don’t need to be a fan of GEJ and his PDP (because I might soon be labelled as one) before I know what is right and wrong. I was amazed when I stumbled upon GMB’s statement on the impeachment of former Adamawa state Governor, Murtala Nyako.

I was left in awe when I read that part of the statement which says “Our country has gone through several rough patches…Never before have I seen a Nigerian President deploy federal institutions in the service of partisanship as we are witnessing now. Never before have I seen a Nigerian President utilize the common wealth to subvert the system and punish the opposition, all in the name of politics.”

Maybe the General has forgotten so soon how he silenced and kept behind bars many Nigerians who had the gut to critic his government with his obnoxious Decree 4 while he was the Head of State.  Maybe he never saw that, he was too power drunk to have observed how his Decree 4 was a disservice to the majority of the populace. Now, talk has become so cheap, the General can now incite his gullible followers with his comments on public issues.

If Nigeria were to truly be a sane nation, the likes of the General should be behind bars and not making cheap comments he never allowed such during his rule as the Head of State. Talk shouldn’t be so cheap for his likes as He lacks the moral right to critique any government in this nation.

We may also  need to ask whether he was in slumber during the Obasanjo’s era when some state governors were removed from office through a questionable process? We also had the case of a Former Lagos Deputy Governor, Femi Pedro who was impeached by Jagaban’s boys despite the fact that he had resigned hours before the shady impeachment.

Has Nyako come out to tell us if all the impeachment allegations leveled against him were true or wrong? We wouldn’t have seen these ‘statesman’ statements if the impeached Governor was a non-APC governor? A Speaker was impeached in the Southeast recently,  while another Deputy Governor from the same region is also facing an impeachment. No ‘statesman’ comment from the General, because they are not members of his APC?

I do not weep for Nyako. The septuagenarian probably had an over-bloated estimate of his political career by jumping ship with other aggrieved PDP governors. Politics should be played when needed because the truth is that no party will watch its membership deplete at the highest level. They will do anything humanly possible to restore their lost glory and patch the loopholes.

Finally, I just hope “the dangerous clouds” GMB claims “are beginning to gather and the vultures” he said “are circling;” are not the same as the ones we experienced in the North after the announcement of the 2011 presidential election result, because nigerians are now wiser and will not allow some unscrupulous elements to under the guise of their political woes and failures, tear apart a nation in dire need of collaborative efforts to tackle its challenges.


Michael Olanrewaju Orodare has worked in the Office of the Chief Press Secretary to the Ondo State Governor as a Media Assistant. He has garnered experience writing in the The Nation Newspaper working with the paper’s Sunday Desk. He leans towards the Labour Party. He blogs at www.michaelorodare.blogspot.com and tweets from @MichaelOrodare


Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

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  1. Yeah! Every positive minded Nigerian will agree with you completely that General Buhari deserves to be behind the bar right about now. Because, if he was to be the leader of th country now, and “anybody” anywhere makes such statements that he is making and the resultant effects and action of blood letting that follows such utterances since 2011, I double bet u, he (Buhari) would have fixed that person up ever since then. That is his characteristic why people are saying that he is good to lead to lead the country again. That is to teach Nigerians the lessons of their in disciplinary acts. But that can not be possible again, because, we have since him all and know who he is and what he can do without forgiveness or pardon. ‘Its too late’ for him now, because his ideology of yester years can not solve the problems of this 21st century technology age. My submission is this, as it was in the days of Pharaoh, the FINGER of God will fight all the enemies of Nigeria, and those who want the country to be ungovernable for an elected president. The fire they stirred up, that same fire shall consume them in Jesus Name. The day their counsel shall be rejeceted and turn to foolishness so that they can not perform their enterprises, they shall hang themselves after the order of Ahithophel. May God Bless Nigeria and her good leaders n people. In Jesus Name, AAAMMEEEEN!!! SHALOM!

  2. Mr orodare, I do not see how your experience working in the office of, and not as a press secretary and as a writer for a news paper helped you in any way. Why are you shying away from being a supporter of Jonathan? You must have realised that its embrassing to identify with him, right? Your answer is as good as mine. Why is it that when Buhari talks, pdp and their mad dogs starts to bark? There must be something about this man Buhari o! What are they? Honesty and a nationalist to the core. I have not seen anything new that you have written about the man Buhari. Is it the death sentence for economic saboteurs and drug pushers, banning public officers from accepting chietancy titles, tampering with freedom of press or stopping public officers from being members of cult groups. Which one of these is bad for our country? Isn’t because of the destructive nature of drug trade that a whole agency was set up to fight it? As bad as the drug trade was, it was going to silently destroy the very fabric of our culture until Buhari made initiated action against it. The statement made by Buhari is a very legitimate and valid. A good stateman must not ‘Siddon look’ while someone in the name of a president goes on rampage. I am not surprised that some people are reacting badly to Buhari’s statement. This is understandable as darkness is allergic to light and falsehood always wants to triumph over truthfulness. You stated that foot soldiers of the opposition reacts when salvo is fired at their pay masters. Where will the masters get money to pay foot soldiers while the pay masters are not treasury looters-only treasury looters can afford the multi million naira being doled out as bribery. What opposition foot soldiers and others us who insignificant others are doing is out of the love of the truth and patriotism. We can’t all sit and watch while less than 10 % of the population holds us to ransome and turn us into zombies and robots all because of worldly gratifications. You are accusing Buhari of power drunkeness, we are glad that his is POWER drunkeness to put sanity into the affairs of his country and not ALCOHOLIC drunkeness which is responsible for the state of anarchy we are facing today. I can go on and on, but I want to leave you with this. I as a bonafide citizen of this country is proudly associating myself with our president of heart. At every election, I routinely and faithfully go to vote for him, and whether INEC declares him a winner or not, I am at peace for voting for my president and I will continue to vote for him as long as he stands for election or for a candidate of his choice till death do I stop. Again, now that you guys are after his life, I want to let you know that in the event you succeed-God forbid anyway, we shall mourn him while smiling with tears in our eyes for a life well spent.

  3. “The truth is no party will watch its membership deplete at the highest level. They will do anything humanly possible to their restore lost glory and patch the loopholes” I knew the writer is a savage the moment I saw that, if you could support a party that will do just about anything to stay in power shows how well you and your kinds means for this country.

  4. He really should be behind bars for life. I witnessed the postelection violence of 2011 and will never forgive him for it. He should never near any leadership position in this country

  5. He deserved life imprisonmnet

    1. stop fooling yourself …. nobody is going to do that and Nigeria will never change if we youth can’t stand and say game over to APC and PDP ! even APC win 2015 IBB OBJ Buhari and others will for ever b free and we will for ever face boko and poverty ….. educate ppl around and stop supporting this criminals . GEJ knows very well who he is working for ….. all dis ppl talking also are underground boys …. Wake up Nigeria ! wake up Youth! for GEJ has good ambition but how can u get on top by king of criminals and b free to work for d ppl, before u can get real change in Nigeria PDP APC need to be in hell 1st …. mean Atiku , IBB, OBj, Buhari, u name dem …

  6. @abimaje.you are one of the foot soldiers of buhari,so that’s the only thing u could pick out from Orodares take? A lot of Nigerians are in support of all he had said cos we are living witnesses to buharis regime of terror, he cannot rule Nigeria that’s why God brought us Goodluck cos he knows they ar all bad, OBJ IBB,Buhari,Atiku etc. They are all going down cos they are d boko haram sponsors!

    1. and who taking all dis criminals down…. d omo OBJ abi u

  7. ” I don’t need to be a fan of GEJ and his PDP (because I might soon be labelled as one) before I know what is right
    and wrong.” What an irony in view of the overall content of this right up! Ever heard of the expression ‘listen to what you speak’? i guess that should be extended to ‘listen to what you right’ and maybe just maybe it would dawn on you that you are actually contradicting your self.

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