More darkness expected as power generation drops to 2,290 megawatts

by Rachel Ogbu


The General Manager (Public Affairs), Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Dave Ifabiyi has said that the power generation in the country has dropped by 1,598 megawatts due to the vandalisation of a gas pipeline supplying gas to eight power generating stations.

On Sunday, TCN said in a statement that the affected stations are Egbin/AES, Olorunsogo, Omotoso, Geregu NIPP, Afam IV and VI as well as River State Independent Power Station.

Ifabiyi also said that one of the vandalised gas pipelines was taking supply from the Okoloma gas plant, while the other was taking from Escravos.

“With the disruption of gas supply through the lines, the Nigerian Gas Company is unable to move gas to Afam IV and Afam VI as well as the Independent Power Plant in Rivers State, resulting in generation loss of 593MW,” Ifabiyi said.

“Also, the second vandalised gas pipeline from Escravos to Warri caused a cutback of 1,005MW  in power generation from Egbin/AES power generating station, Olorunsogo, Omotosho and Geregu NIPP power generating plants.”

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The Citizens reports:

According to the statement, with the loss of 1,598MW, the total power generation as of 2pm on Sunday is 2,290MW.

With this low level generation, the company said the operation and control of the power system was a major challenge.

TCN said due to the critical importance of the pipelines to power generation, NGC was working seriously to isolate the vandalised portions of the pipelines in order to effect repairs, with the hope that gas supply could be restored to the affected generating stations soonest.

The company said it deeply regretted inconveniences the attendant load shedding was causing Nigerians nationwide.


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