[The Sexuality Blog] Woody Allen dares to make a movie romanticising pedophilia in this Weinstein era

One of the first things you’d expect to happen following the Harvey Weinstein scandal – the allegations of sexual harassment that span his near 3o years in the movie industry – is an overhaul of all the directors with questionable histories. It only makes logical sense right?

Since the scandal broke, a number of reputable companies, afraid to force the hand of the movie-going public and lose valuable dollars thanks to boycotts, have cut Weinstein from their boards, fired him from their projects and basically made him a pariah who was forced to go to a one week mental health program (as if that will do anything).  But the problem with this is that they haven’t punished him because of what he did, they have punished him because he allowed himself get sloppy, and by extension get caught. Their association to him, which when he was still a closeted rapist and harasser, brought them a lot of good publicity, good will and good press, has suddenly turned into lots of bad press and a scrutiny of their own internal affairs. So they are all cutting him off to save face. How do I know this, because Weinstein isn’t the first person to get exposed as a rapist and sexual harasser. He isn’t even the only one making films right now who has been exposed; there is Roman Polanski, and Woody Allen.

Polanski has not been able to set foot in the US for the last 20 years after he jumped bail on a rape case, but Allen, has skirted the law just enough that he has never been found culpable for his crimes, even though everything we know points to his guilt. We know he married his teenage adopted daughter, who had no real autonomy over her life when he first made his move on her. We know his son, Ronan Farrow testified that Woody Allen assaulted his sister, Dylan Farrow even when no one believed him. We know because it shook him so much, he took it upon himself to expose an equally powerful sexual assaulter, Weinstein.

Now, Woody Allen seems to want rub the fact that the establishment won’t hold him accountable for his actions with his new film “A Rainy Day in New York”, which features predominantly, a storyline that shows a romance between a man in his 40’s and his 15 year old ‘concubine’ – sex slave seems more like it if you ask us. Not only is this tone deaf, it is also disappointing considering the calibre of actors who continue to work with him knowing fully well, just how terrible the accusations against him are. He will probably get away with this film, and the very people who should have shamed him, will gather in a high-ceilinged hall and give him accolades.

There is little that could be more sadder than that.


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