My Nigeria !

Y! TV: 26 SEPTEMBER, 2010.


Adebola Williams

Shade Ladipo


UCHE NNAJI (Style Entrepreneur)

MOSUNMOLA UMORU (Agric Business Entrepreneur )


Nigeria at 50 next week, Mosun what are your feelings?

MOSUN: It’s time to celebrate, time to come together and start something new as young people, to close up and bring up real changes… great things are happening.

Uche do you agree?

UCHE: I see every reason for us to celebrate, the worst could have happened to us, but here we are as one and moving on.

Tolu what do you see?

TOLU: The Nigeria I see right now is about to change. Nigeria is a place of opportunity.

Business-wise what do you think?

TOLU: Nigeria is a challenging place but it has made me stand up and think outside the box – do things I would ordinarily not do.

MOSUN: What we need is a paradigm shift. “Will we say because of a couple of poisonous snakes, we won’t go into the wild anymore?” A lot of things have gone wrong but what we all need is to create a change.

Uche what is your Nigeria ?

UCHE: I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world apart from here that I would have been able to do what am doing now. It’s been four years now, and I’m doing fine. Nigeria has that amazing atmosphere of work for me. Nigeria at 50 is great. What I do is strictly indigenous. Nigeria gives you the opportunity if you can step into the waters.

It’s pretty amazing the response we are getting about Nigeria at 50?

TOLU: Ouch! (Uche) is talking about the present Nigeria, but as for me, am creating the young ones he will employ in the next 20 years.

MOSUN: If you dare to dream it, you can do it, the coming Nigeria with the likes of young minds around is going to be a great nation where others would come to. I see my Nigeria growing and getting better. From the last Harambe session, I see young minds launching different ideas. I see miracles of opportunities. I won’t trade my green passport for any other country’s.

MOSUN (during the time-out): We spent the last 50years campaigning. Let’s spend the next 50years transforming.

What challenges have you faced of recent?

UCHE: I’d had the opportunity to be MD, Creative Director of a brand, that was not quite easy considering how the older generations and their standards. My main challenge was creating something patriotic and indigenous and waiting to see if people would accept it.

MOSUN: I chose an uncomfortable occupation although laudable, because nobody can do without food. One of my problems is that people do not really understand that farming is really important as opposed with white collar job. I have had issues with power, funds, land, banks, friends and family.

TOLU: If Mosun is complaining about funds mine is even worse, as there is no return or profit in it except goodwill.

FEMI calls in from River State: As Mosun has stated, we have Nigerian values but they are fast diminishing. (He commends the topic and the insight from the young ones)

50 reasons why we should celebrate?

MOSUN: We are Nigerians, one nation

TOLU: Natural resources, too blessed to be poor.

UCHE: The Nigerian dream, a land of opportunities. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

TOLU: Are these things being taught in school?

MOSUN: It doesn’t have to be taught, it is an atmosphere that should be created

RALPH calls in from Owerri: A paradigm shift is happening and we can see it. I believe in the shift taking place now, but it is gradual. All youths should embrace it.

MOSUN: Nigeria is a work in progress

SHADE: I celebrate us all – Tolu (NGO), Ouch (fashion), Mosun (Agro- Business)

It’s a wrap!

Don’t forget to join us next week.

Y! TV 3pm. Channels Television.

You’ve never seen young people talk like this!

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