Need to spice up your life? We give you 15 things to do in 2015

by Doyin Jaiyesimi


Vote – It’s not enough to keep complaining about all the things that are wrong with Nigeria. It’s time to actually do something about it. You can start by going out to vote in 2015. Vote the right people into government and flush out the wrong people.

Get back on #TeamFitFam – We all love the festive period but it usually comes with an extra baggage for a lot of us in the form of added weight. Stay fit in 2015. Get back on the fit fam team as soon as possible.

Take a risk – 2015 is the year to take that step you’ve always wanted to take. You may be afraid but make that move nonetheless. Don’t be afraid of failure. You can still achieve great things despite it

Speak less, act more – Talk is cheap the popular saying goes and it really is. Speak less in 2015 and act more. Don’t be an empty barrel. Channel your energy into taking action.

Touch a life –Let 2015 be the year that you go out of your way to touch somebody else’s life. You’ve been living for yourself so far. It’s time to do something different. Be kind to people that may never be able to pay you back.

Increase your streams of income – Empower yourself in the New Year. Money is important; it’s necessary. Cease every opportunity you get to increase your streams of income.

Treat yourself well – As you work hard and strive to make more money, ensure you take time out to treat yourself. You can do it monthly or quarterly. Whichever you choose, just make sure you are giving yourself regular time-outs.

Less social media, more real time communication – Social media, even though it is such a great platform, has created some sort of false world. Face-to-face communication is now like gold these days. In 2015, engage in more real time communication. Visit loved ones. Call the people you care about. You can take it a step further; write a letter. No; not via email, a real letter.

Get closer to God – You need God more than ever in the New Year, especially to achieve those goals. So get closer to Him. Let Him lead and direct you. You’ll be better off with Him on your side.

Volunteer for a good cause – This is a good way to make impact in 2015. There are many NGOs that will benefit from your help as a volunteer. Consider joining one or two that you like.

Stretch yourself – Don’t be content with staying at the same level in the New Year. Expand. Stretch yourself. Get a new qualification. Seek for greater responsibilities. 2015 is the year to improve yourself.

Make fewer excuses – Aren’t you bored of making excuses; excuses of why you cannot achieve your goals, excuses of why you cannot grow and so on. Let all your excuses go with the wind. You don’t need them.

Filter before you post – Exercise restraint on social media in 2015. You don’t need to have an opinion on every single issue that arises. There are some things you read and move on from. Remember to filter that opinion before you click post.

Be thankful – In all things, be thankful. Let this statement guide you throughout 2015. Choose to be thankful instead of lamenting over things you have no control over.

Love with an open heart – Finally, love with an open heart. Yes there is a risk that people will hurt you and take advantage of you. Love them anyway. Let love radiate from within you and let it be felt by everyone around you, even your subordinates.


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