Nene Henshaw: Fear [NEXT]

We’re all afraid of things. It takes time for us to accept these things. And if you happen to be one of those that believe that they’re made of iron (like me of course ?) then it’s even harder. I was told that expressing your fears puts you one step forward in overcoming them and I just kept wondering how??

Every time I look at a pregnant woman or an intimate mother and child photo and I wondered if I’d die if that was never me or when I turn a relationship upside down because I’m afraid of really falling in love. How do I overcome this, it’s easier said than done. I’ve been told to pray about it but I’m still afraid because my faith is even smaller than a mustard seed.

But somehow on a different day, I tend to have really strong faith in God, like in a situation where the car is swerving and all and everyone is panicking and I’m just like, God did not bring me this far to let me die like this, I know people do but I’m so sure that God won’t let ME die like that. Even if I die tomorrow, I believe he’ll let it be in peace, not pieces.

And that just made me wonder, what is the point of being afraid of things in this world when you may leave anytime. There somehow happens to be a solution to every problem, if I can’t biologically conceive, I can adopt as many as my heart can carry. Maybe if I learnt to forget the past and grow a heart, I’d learn to love someone else.

It is a decision also to accept the solutions to your problem or stay and drown with the lie that they have none.I am totally fine with expressing my fears and opinion to the world,  writing with so much passion from my twisted mind, not afraid to be judged or challenged. But at the end of writing this post, I realised that maybe my fears weren’t fears since I had figured out a way to conquer them all.

We all can if we just accept them and think of ways forward, not just the possibilities that they may probably not even come to pass because most times they do.

Nene is an avid learner with a very active imagination, who has a hunger for new knowledge and creativity. She is a fast, innovative and flexible writer. Nene is also a resilient worker who does not to give up until the task is completed. She thrives well under stressful situations, is able to interact and is open to as many views as possible. Nene is conversational in English, Efik, Igbo and Yoruba.

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