Why are Nigerians hooked on the character that is Bobrisky?

Bobrisky started out in the world a dark complexioned male.

Today, he is as light skinned as at birth when his parents christened him Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju. However, unbeknownst to them, their son would opt for Bobrisky, the fame maker.

It has been reported that in his teenage years, Bobrisky was arrested for cross dressing. At the time, he claimed it was to help him raise money for his education.

A curious choice of occupation for a man, it does seem, but one which arguably set him on the path he walks today. This time, as his ‘means of survival’.

Bobrisky is also a businessman. He sells bleaching creams and is even working on releasing his own line soon. He loves to wear bold colours, daring outfits and make-up; things that one might safely assume would turn Nigerians off.

Quite the opposite: Bobrisky is on the lips of many celebrities, his stories are run on blogs and websites (like this one), he continuously provokes conversation on Twitter, Snapchat and pretty much all of Nigeria.

So why are Nigerians taken with Bobrisky?

      • The mystery of ‘Bae’: Not that Bobrisky is the first of his kind. There’s Denrele, who also loves stepping out in women’s apparel. Whilst Denrele has made a name for himself from being different, one of Bobrisky’s appeals is stirring people’s curiosity about his sponsor- ‘Bae’. ‘Bae’ lavishes Bobrisky with money running into millions, a car, an apartment in Lekki (and in the near future Banana Island), a trip to Dubai and so on and so forth. Bae is a married man with kids, and to put it in Bobrisky’s words, “the fourth richest man in Africa”. Until the big reveal (which the dude keeps hinting about), trust and believe, Nigerians will keep stalking Bobrisky on social media.


      • Our fascination for the queer: First, there was Denrele who raised quite a titter with his crazy hair styles, incredible outfits, his effeminate gesticulations and yes, that kiss with Charley Boy. With the effluxion of time, our preoccupation with Denrele passed, because at some point, he became normal to us. But hey, there’s a new kid on the block and his name is Bobrisky. And this dude goes about with a face full of makeup, and a thoroughly bleached skin, and nails that speak in tongues. Which is exactly the fix we did not even realize we needed.

bobrisky 2

  • High Entertainment value: “Bobrisky went to Kings College”. “Bobrisky is gay”.  “Is “Bobrisky’s butt as white as his face”? “Which celebs would attend Bobrisky’s birthday bash”? “Bobrisky is lying”. These and other topics keep Nigerians titillated by Bobrisky. The way he talks, His ‘before’ bleaching pictures, the news leak of his arrest as a teenager, his recently celebrated birthday bash, his experience at the passport office, what he might possibly do and say next all make for good social media television.

Like my lecturer used to say, we are all transfixed!


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  1. Did Bobrisky really go to King’s College? Well, it must be true; he wouldn’t tell such a lie that can be easily found out. However, for someone who did, his English isn’t really very good.

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