‘Ojukwu’ episode 2 recap: Odili has a side chick and a mirror comes to the village for the first time


The last scene in the premiere of Ojukwu showed Aku (Francis Duru) meeting Udoka’s brother Ejiofor (Uche Odoputa) in his home at night. With how the first episode proceeded suggested they have not met before and episode two picked up from there. The purpose of Aku’s visit was to tell Ejiofor to dissuade Udoka from marrying a second wife, because if she bore him a male child, he will be the sole heir to Udoka’s properties and thus leaving Ejiofor with nothing.

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Aku is a titled man in the village, considerably influential and his motive could be to have a stake in Udoka’s wealth. This is a wild guess but it’s not exactly far fetched. We have seen this play out in popular culture as well as in the real world, where the demise of a man gives his brother the impetus to forcefully take control of his properties, especially when there isn’t a direct male hair.

In other cases, when the male heir is yet to come of age. But surprisingly, Ejiofor rejects Aku’s poisonous message and tells him to leave. “If I wasn’t your friend, I would have said you have lost all your senses.” Aku says in a serious tone that still allows for some friendly warmth. But Ejiofor isn’t buying it. He orders: “I don’t want you to come to my house again. In fact, forget how to find your way to my house.”

Kenneth Okolie as Odili is agile and virile, as shown in the trailer. But he isn’t fighting as a wrestler when we see him. Instead, he is frolicking in the forest with a maiden and hence cheating on Adanna (Uche Ogbodo). Odili the cheat, which comes as no surprise given the kind of masculinity he wields. The scene is interesting because the village drunkard staggers in and shames both Odili and the maiden, who, in defence, says she is a virgin. Goofily, the drunk calls her “Virginus.”

Mary Njoku plays Urenna quite well, the sister to Adanna. Along with her friend, they track Odili’s side chick to Odili’s house to confirm the suspicions that Adanna is being cheated on. Immediately, Urenna informs Adanna, who initially doesn’t believe until she runs to Odili’s house to see things for herself. Whether she will break up with the famed wrestler is yet to be seen.

The episode subsequently shows Udoka’s getting married to a new wife and, on their wedding night, urged by his first wife to go perform his “duties.” It’s awkward, even for both of them. Apparently, the people of Umu-Ojukwu are yet to see a mirror. We know this because after Aku and his partners are done doing business with a white man at a river shore, he is handed a compact mirror as a kind of payment. Tentatively, Aku takes a look into the mirror and whirls away, shocked and bemused at catching his reflection. The men around him do same. I’m looking forward to seeing wrestling matches in subsequent episodes. And also the outcome of Udoka’s new marriage. What if he gets another daughter?

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