Opinion: 5 things you must do before the new year to make it a great year

by Tolu Oluwaseyi-Daniel           

  1. SCORE YOURSELF: take stock of the outgoing year. How did you do? On a scale of 1-10, what would you get? Do like an annual review of all that you set out to do in the outgoing year, kinni score? How far?
  2. PLAN AHEAD: & PRAY AHEAD: write the vision, make it plain. Writing out your plans would help you keep track of what you want to achieve. The goals, the targets, and the very things you want to make of the New Year. You want to go on a vacation or bae-cation? You want to get that ride? Plan it now. Getting married? Start planning.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to join the natural hair gang? You want to get that ride? You want to remove negative people and things from your life? Start getting ready to do that.Plan it now. Getting married? Start planning.

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  1. FORGIVE EVERYONE ” YOURSELF TOO!: there’s really no need carrying baggage into the new year. GET OVER IT! Whatever they did, whatever they said….just LET IT GO! I know it’s not so easy but you can try. Your heart would be more at peace when you forgive. Forgive yourself too, sometimes we mess up, we do the very things we told others not to do, we make mistakes that make us almost hate ourselves. Forgive yourself. It’s the first step to moving past the mistake you made.
  2. GIVE: there’s that bag you didn’t use all through the year. I’m right isn’t it? There’s that shoe you didn’t even look at this year. There’s that dress that is now too short or too tight. GIVE IT OUT!

Create space for the new things coming in the incoming year. Don’t over crowd your closet; let something’s go to new owners. Y’all stingy kokos listen up!

  1. BE POSITIVE: Okay, okay I know. You had a bad year…that’s what you think huh? You are already thinking the New Year would be the same? Naah don’t be like that. As a man thinketh…. Be positive. Speak Positive. The recession and cash crunch won’t follow into the New Year. The New Year might just be the ‘IT’ year for you. Stay Positive!

So that’s my lil som’n som’n for you delivered with so much love, what else would you add to this list?

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