Opinion: Nigeria is a country on fire

by Tayo Okanlawon

Analysis upon analysis, the numerous questions of ‘why’ all bear one answer. Behind our political pillars are politics of ego, self-centeredness and a dead conscience.  Hiding behind the thin pillar of independence are the dubious spirits in human flesh throwing devilish darts of selfish passions unto the corridors of our polity to the detriment of our unity, democracy and progress.

Cabals, cohorts or whatever their assemblies may be tagged are the political cannibals with insatiable appetites, devouring the meat of our federalism and ignoring the massive groans of hunger. The irony of it all is that the federal table will never run dry because the hungry masses work through the hardship of the jungle to keep the meat supplied on the federal table.

Republic? Yes, it truly is. “A system where the elected representatives of the people are supreme”. Supreme over the powers that brought them to be. So what is the place of democracy in a republic? When the elected few are instituted to be supreme above the laws of the nation; what is the fate of the rule of law, freedom of speech and the fundamental civil rights of the democratic populace when the politicians are supreme?

The Republicans who are to bear a non-hereditary portfolio line their ignorant folks in the political corridors in the name of frivolous offices thereby making them heirs to the “executive” seats in the near future. The federalists that ought to unite the Federation are lined behind the walls of ethnic and religious cabalism.

Boiling waters in the heat of lack, in the fire of poverty, and the turmoil of terminal infections berate the country and yet no succor seem to be in sight.  The nation boils in the waters of dissolution for the ties that bind no longer hold grimly and the polity that should tie it strongly is after its selfish venture.

What can the masses do? Hold them to ransom? And they will send the ignorant dogs in uniform after you. Bring them to ‘justice’? When the judges are in the coffers of their monetary ‘covers’. Reason with them? Maybe if their interest will be served in the negotiations.

For years the hunters have kept back the arrows for the sake of the pillar. The devils take cover behind the pillar. But one day the hunters will no longer care if the pillar is hit while targeting the devils hiding behind it. They shall bring the pillar crumbling upon them if they fail to surrender their will to the good of the general will.

One day we shall dig the answer to the genesis where the former things shall be over with and all things will become new. That day, we shall build our polity on the ancient Rock of ages where it shall remain founded unshaken.

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