Opinion: Open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby


Your Grace, in respect of your meeting with President Buhari, who is your bosom friend, who you have met severally during the course of his presidency, and met again in the month of April 2018, I wish to express a few thoughts and the position of majority of Nigerian Christians.

We the Christians in Nigeria have no misgivings in seeing you meet with your life long friend but if you have followed events in Nigeria where your good friend has presided since 2015, if your staff has briefed you, Buhari has been a disaster for the country. According to the “United States House of Representatives, Nigeria has been cited as the most dangerous place for Christians in the world and that impunity for those responsible for the killing of Christians in the country “seems to be widespread.” Now the people responsible for these killings are Boko Haram and herdsmen mostly of the Fulani ethnic group which Buhari come from. Since he came to power, killings by Fulani herdsmen has become rampant. In 2018 alone, hundreds of Nigerians especially in the soil rich Middle Belt of Nigeria have been murdered by these monsters and Buhari has done little or nothing to stop these killings. Fulani herdsmen are ranked by Global Terrorism Index 2015 as the fourth most deadly terrorist group in the world!

Instead of modernizing agriculture and introducing ranching, Buhari has continued to tout government-backed grazing routes which gives these killer herdsmen the impetus to continue to besiege their host-communities and farmers to perpetrate atrocities. Farmers are not pastoral in nature but it is the movement of these Fulani herdsmen in which they invade farms and destroy crops armed with AK47s illegally to rape and maim their hosts should they put up any resistance, that is the issue at stake. You can agree with me that “herder-farmer conflict” is a wrong term to describe the situation and the heinous acts of these Fulani Herdsmen but should be “Fulani herdsmen killings”. Buhari has never spoken out against the Fulani herdsmen directly and even recently has stated that armed men from Libya are responsible for the carnages in trying to exonerate his kinsmen.

We expect your lordship to speak truth to your friend and we also want to inform you that your good friend has performed abysmally during his first term. His health is failing him, he spent four months receiving medical treatment in 2017, which you are very much aware, and if you love Nigeria and the Christians in it, you would have advised your dear friend to take after Nelson Mandela and quit seeking second term in 2019. The past three years of his presidency has been the worst since 1985. We employ Your Grace to reach out to your friend while he is still in the United Kingdom to call his killer Fulani herdsmen brothers to order through a public condemnation of their atrocities. A word of advice to him over his ambition in 2019, which is not in the best interest of Nigeria would suffix.

God bless Your Grace.

ThankGod Ukachukwu

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