Opinion: Thank you Nigeria, Nigerians are now lawless

by Olisa Ezeanya

If I can provide my own water, provide my own electricity; if I have to pay for security and ‘ndi nche’; then, I can as well execute justice myself. Thus, jungle justice.

Yes, many of you have watched the video and probably seen the pictures of some UNIPORT students burnt alive by Aluu villagers in Rivers state, Nigeria for allegedly stealing phones, laptops in an off-campus hostel of the university.

Before I proceed further, I am warning you to stop if you don’t have eyes for the truth, just stop now, stop reading. I do not intend to mince words in this article, I do not intend to follow any rules of writing. I do not intend to mesmerise you with good sentences and big vocabularies. No time. I just want to say what I feel, the way i want to say it. And, yes, I don’t give a fuck whose ox is goared, yes I said ‘fuck’. The so called, well-mannered Olisa who speaks nicely and respectfully dare speak in a vulgar way. Fuck the manners. Yes, I said it and you will probably see lots of it in this write. So, if you choose to proceed, i’m not responsible for anything you read o. Ayaf talk my own.

Why isn’t anyone taking this matter seriously. Oh! You all think they were criminals and received their wage in death abi, but a cruel one. As much as so many watched this wicked act of justice and felt pity, atleast as humans, i’m sure that for some, that feeling of pity was for a moment. Later, the same people would have a contrasting reasoning and would feel satisfied on the treatment meted out to them. If you think they deserved such treatment. Can you honestly say why.

Do you remember years ago when there was a mass attack on the Igbo’s in the north, i think in 2006 precisely. Then, I had left Lagos for Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, my alma mater, to submit my Industrial Attachment report. I had spent the night in Onitsha and the next day decided to go to Awka. That was the same day the Igbo’s decided to retaliate in the east.

I was in Onitsha that day about to take another bus enroute Awka. It was pathetic to see how hausas were chased around and butchered like animals. I remember vividly how my bus climbed on bodies because the roads were all littered with dead bodies of ‘ndi-hausa’. One that has remained indelible in my mind is seeing one man hide behind a car. I watched him quietly from my bus, hoping that my gaze would not direct anyone towards him. I observed him tiptoe to a nearby bush away from the rear of that bus. He just hid there, watching how the Igbos cut his brothers to pieces. What could he be thinking, i tried to place myself in his situation. I tried to think his thoughts.

They made sure even the dead were not spared, they killed the already dead again perhaps hoping that even their souls may feel the pain of a matchete on their already decapitated body. Then i heard them say ‘rapu ya, anyi ga egbu ya. O chere na anyi afuro ya’ (leave him, we will kill him. He thinks we haven’t seen him). I felt sad when it dawned on me that I wasn’t the only one who had seen him, unfortunately he had been seen. Watching him die was worse than the death of these students, it was real, I had seen enough for the day, or so i thought. Our drivers had driven across so many bodies, I had seen many even jump into the river Niger below from the Niger-head bridge that joined Asaba to Onitsha, they drowed obviously, how many could swim. I saw corpes flaoting, it was enough.

Tears fell from my eyes, a woman had said to me, ”e n’ebe akwa and laughed’ (you are crying).

She then reminded me of how ‘our’ people who work tirelessly to build the economies of those states are killed by even their close friends and neighbours because they are either christians or ‘nyamiri’.

That hausa man was caught, his leg cut off, just one leg at first; then his fingers cut bit my bit. I wached his penis cut off, yet he groined in pain. Crying. His hand was cut also, they gave him all the time to feel the excruciating pain that would lead to his death.

Our bus suddenly filled up and we drove away, climbing on bodies and trying to avoid the ones we could. I was sure the hausa man was later beheaded. What was his crime? If he or they had commited any crime, couldn’t our courts have discharged the right justice.

Earlier in the week, I was praying and in my bible reflection was a very popular verse or perhaps a very popular story: ‘a woman caught in adultery’, from john 8: 1-11. She was caught in the act, obviously like those boys. And she was beaten by the mob, just like those boys were. She was about to be stoned to death and we all know what Jesus did here. In His exact words: ”all right, but let he who has never sinned cast the first stone”. He had given them the order, you all can go ahead and kill her if you wish to, there was no miracle here. Jesus didn’t send angels from heaven to guide the woman. He simply spoke to their conscience. Unfortunately for Ugonna, Tekana and Chiadika; Jesus wasn’t there to speak words and write on the ground. They we’re stoned to death or rather, the Nigerian should be, burnt to death.

Yes, we are all sinners. Irrespective of the gravity of our sins. We are all sinners. Then, how dare you join a mob to beat someone and you’ve advised your girlfriend to abort a pregnancy, you’re a murderer. Yes even you ladies, some of you also strip, prostitute, do aristo runs all for blackberry, school fees, fun and financial benefit abi dat one no be sin? So, you dare pick up a tyre to burn someone else and you’re gay, putting your dick in another man’s asshole and you shout ‘kill them, kill them them be thieves’. You, yes you, how dare you bring a lighter or matches and you’re fucking a goat. And you, you dare offer the fuel amidst the scarcity of fuel and you in a secret society that offer blood rituals. Fuck you all. Yeah. I said it. Fuck you.

What could be the reason for this sort of justice? Some have said it is simply because we believe more in jungle justice than our courts.

Therefore, I believe three groups must bear responsibility for these deaths: the Nigerian Police Force,the Judicial system and the Government. All must bear responsibility for any jungle justice meted out. The blood is in your hands. All those judges, justice and lawyers that have twisted the law to set a criminal free, may thunder fire you.

Also, the Nigerian system should also be blamed. What has happened to the Otedola and Lawan issue, where are those that stole our subsidy money. What has happened to the Abacha loot that was recovered; some individuals have assets declared to be in thrillions of naira, yet have no business, how come?

If Ibori wasn’t disgraced by a London court, perhaps our courts would have discharged and aquitted him plus embraced am join, like they’ve done the others.

Nigerian Police Force, please who really killed ken-saro wiwa; who exactly killed Dele Giwa. I heard that M.K.O was also killed, who killed Bola Ige, Who killed my friend Bassey, who killed my fellow King’s college old boy, Ugo Ozuah days after his wedding, who are the killers of the mubi students. Where are the killers. Please answer me.

Even the Col. Hamza Mustapha sef that was arrested for taking part in killing Alhaja Kudirat Abiola hasn’t been really charged since over ten years.

Those indited for fraud, the arrested boko-haram suspect, how long have they been in your custody. None has been charged and we’re all aware that Mutallab has been charged sharp sharp in America.

I have no words for the police force, ok, actually I do but words enough can’t quantify nor properly express my anger and disappointment. The only question I will ask is: why are you always present at the scene after the incident?

These and obviously more is the agitations that has culminated into a new imbibed character of the people, Nigerians don’t trust Nigeria anymore. If I can provide my own water, provide my own electricity; if I have to pay for security and ‘ndi nche’; then, I can as well execute justice myself. Thus, jungle justice.

The meander of justice and lawlessness of a supposed arbitrator, the Judicial system; the weakness of the governnent and the obvious misplaced priority and lateness of our Police has disseminated to the people.

Lawless breeds lawlessness.



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  1. I became sick after watching briefly the disgusting video, Crime is bad no matter how big or small it is. l condemn it, but let us not take laws into our hands moreso, we need to be more humane and civil in the way we treat one another, going barbaric in this modern time became an eyesore and an embarrassment to us as black people and to our country. This goes on to explain the lack of trust our people have in the police force, and failling judicial system of delay and denial leading to prison congestion in our country.

  2. Something is obviously wrong with this country @ this present time I'm witnessing things I doubt my ancestor ever witness.nevertheless,the perpetrators of this gruesome act should be made to face with the rhythm of the beat.

  3. will the goverment see this:- I hope dey do

  4. Anyone who had the heart to do what I watched to those 4 young men is worse that them. Those killers are evil, I felt ill after watching the video…gory

  5. Abi o my sister!!! Like say we no get police, courtrooms, judges and prisons again. Imagine a nation wey people decide to just terminate a fellow countryman life in a painful and brutal way like say the person na snake or wild animal….and others stand dey even video the 'show' …just imagine!!!…..oh Nigeria, what is happening to this nation!!! God, we need your help NOW!!!

  6. 'M so disappointed.. Nigeria has lost its sanity.. D pple dt steal billions r praised n left untouched.. God punish those involved in d act..

  7. Very Well Said Olisa!U sure hv bared out d hrts f mny true n Patriotic Nigerians!D law f Karma wld mst def catch up wv dem all!

  8. Its such a shame that the human life has lost its value & sanctity in my country. I'm afraid for my unborn children, I fear they may be born into a country of babarians and carnibals.God help us.

  9. Olisa i love ur write up… But i think if we start practicing the Community policing in this country, it will be better and safer for us all, and this Case would have been reported to the police instead of the community chief who instructed the vigilante men to kill the boys. And also, if the community policing is used it would have been easy to quickly identify the perpetrators. My heart is really broken by this incidence, i havent been able to concentrate on anything. I really hope Justice be served. And all who were involved in this dastard act bee made to suffer for it. they should be jailed for life without Parole. and with serious Hard labour. and this should be a warning to every single ignorant Nigerian who believes in Jungle Justice. The Law enforcement officers are there to Handle any criminal act. DO NOT TAKE LAWS INTO UR OWN HANDS.My Heart goes out to their Families we feel ur pain.

  10. They say only God shall judge our actions and lifestyle on that faithful day. The "jungle justice" as you describe is not only described perfectly, but exist all over the world. Sadly, it is more severe in some countries than others, but overall it is not in support of the honest souls behind the colored complexions. Chaos runs the world.

  11. We've found ourselves in a very terrible situation… Its so sad

  12. Chai…namesake! U have hit d nail gbagam!!!!!if I was a girl…ill marry u post haste…thanks for speaking the truth!!

  13. Olisa may God bless u 4 saying it d way it is. I just pray dat we all learn from dis cos we can't continue to live like animals.

  14. This is gud,really gud,nobody deserves to b treated lyk dat, no matter wat dose boyz did dey didn't deserve to die lyk dat,may GOD punish every body invovled in dere death.

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