Opinion: The game of life… win or lose

by E.O Olasunkanmi

Money is only a tool! Nothing more

No one can perfectly define ‘life’ to you but you can define what you want ‘life’ to be for you. The creator has so made life in a way that the inhabitants of this world have a choice to choose between the good and the bad side of life. This is what brought the saying, “you are the architect of your life, you build it the way you want”.

A right thinking person would rather stick to the positive side of life. No one desires to lack but yet, lack, poverty, suffering and the likes still dwells amongst our people.  Then comes this particular question; Why? Many have tried answering this question until their death. They have lived their life fighting and striving to know the cause of their ill luck in life. Here is the simple answer; they have simply failed in the game of life. Every game has two sides to it viz: the winning side and the losing side. The next paragraph will extensively discuss about these two sides of the game. Carefully read through each line and get a personal message.

The best side everyone would love to belong is obviously the winning side of life. Everyone wants to be successful. We all want to live our dreams. I believe this is really visible and realistic if and only if we can give it what it takes. In order to belong to the positive side of life, you must be able to defeat the odds of life. These are obstacles and challenges that come your way on your journey to success. You must be able to hold your own against life’s greatest challenges and look beyond your greatest limitations. The greatest limitation a man can face is man himself. Only you and you alone can stop yourself in this journey.

In order to succeed, you must program your mind towards being successful. You should do things successful people do. Never make or let money stop you from living your dreams. Money is only a tool! Nothing more. Determination and a little hard work is all you need to achieve your goals and aspirations in life. A man begins to thread the path of failure when he sees success as the accumulation of money. Which in turn helps him program his mind towards making money and eventually gingers him into going the extra mile (crime) in order to make this money.

“In order to find the edge, you must risk going over the edge”

 The phrase above simple explains the kind of attitude winners in the game of life exhibit. They are risk takers. Nothing good comes easily in life therefore, we must begin in our little corners to construct and pattern our lives to conform to the points discussed in this article in order to belong to the winning side of life. It is indeed very easy and less stressful to live your dreams and aspirations if and only if you are ready to change your definition of “success” and define life to be what you want from it.


E.O Olasunkanmi is with the Success Anchor Education Consult, he tweets from @saec2011


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