#PastorsJets #YQuestionOfTheDay: Should pastors own private jets? See our readers’ fierce debate

Bishop David Oyedepo.

by Isi Esene

The disclosure last week that members of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s church presented him with a gift of  a private jet to mark his birthday/40 years anniversary has thrown up a debate on how appropriate it is for religious leaders to own private jets.

Oritsejafor is just one of the mega pastors in the country who now have a private jet at his disposal, Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners’ Chapel is known to have purchased at-least one in the last few years.

As an internet newspaper which constantly sees the need to feel the pulse of its readers on any topical issue, YNaija went on the social media network, Twitter, to get answers on the poser: Should pastors own private jets?

Let’s read what they have to say:

– @MissToe_knee: Your tweets wont stop them from flying the jet!!!!!! #pastorsjet

– If he wasn’t CAN PRESIDENT AND AN ADVISER TO JONA,his PJ prolly won’t be an issue,oyedepo no get pass one? #pastorsjet @ynaija“thank u jor

– Abi @bellokodak: @suave_sultan: If i be this pastor,to shame “devils” i’ll just acquire a yacht for christmas gift…#pastorsjet

#pastorsjet Nigeria is a very interesting country. We are overdosing on the opium of the masses. It is killing us. #LetsSnapOutOfIt #TheEnd

#Pastorsjet WWJD – What Would Jesus Do?

#PastorsJet Pastors are human 2 and can be swayed by worldly things, the imp tn is for you to be wise and stop funding their excesses.

@wontiboje: @deji_online A fraudster hiding under the cloak of divinity and God is nothing but a fraudster, take it or leave it #pastorsjet

– Clergy men are over rated in this country-imagine,body guards,convoy,now PJs…9ja gotta wise up! #pastorsjet

– ….My Birthday is April 6th, I need wonderful gifts Ooº°˚ , na una mates ðey give Private Jet as Birthday gift 2 person #pastorsjet

– The church is now a place where pple are brainswashed to part with their money, Jesus no dey ‘obtain’ pple! #pastorsjet.

@realgabbey2012 when we start judging pastors n co, we’re only one step away from executing judgement on God’s behalf. #pastorsjet
#PastorsJets If some1 gave Jesus a jet, he’d sell it to feed 5million instead of 5k #PastorsJets #pastorsjet
@PHlive1 @opomulero17 #pastorsjet Funny how nobody has talked abt wht I deserved as a nigerian but kept saying pastors deserves private jets
#pastorsjet Maybe its time we realise that no man can ßξ the standard no matter the title. Pastors are Human afterall.
– @deji_online: @YNaija people need to be careful when criticizing and judging “men of God”. Remember Aaron and Mariam #pastorsjet
– What is the big deal about #pastorsjet ?…..is it your money??
With this final tweet asking a provocative question, we would leave the discussion open to allow readers contribute their thoughts on the comments section.

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  1. People should please stop talkin about men of God in dis manner… Let all ask for God forgiveness.

  2. When jesus was on earth, he was offered the opportunity τo be a king, bU̶̲̥̅̊τ̅ he rejected it. So įf a plane was given as a gift, kepping our Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ simple would ♍ean dªt a gift like dªt ΐƨ rejected. Infact materialism ΐƨ the only reason why someone wud accept a jet as a gift

  3. I think a pastor owing a private jet is non of our business, that is the business for their congregation or whomever bought the jet for them, we are all answerable to God individually and no one will get preferential treatment on the judgement day for being too rich or too poor. But one thing for sure i am not among the "suffer suffer for world, Enjoy for heaven" if i go to a church for so long and worship God as God required, i will leave if nothing happens, i don't even have to wait for the pastor to buy a Limousine before i leave.

    1. Mr. Rop I just want. U to know that blessings don't come from pastors.The reason u go to church,shud be to seek 1st the kingdom of God,its righteousness,and all other things shall be added onto u.Paul said 'for to live is Christ,and to die is gain'….and there are so many eg's of how we shud primarily worship God,and fulfil purpose,which is the most important thing in life.God has said we shud wait on HIM n HE wud renew our strength.I beg to say that a bible-based Full Gospel Church where ur faith is tested is far better than a place where u get Automatic Answer or lesekese.God can answer immediately,or wenevr HE so desires,that's y HE is KA BI O OSI…HE'd strengthen you to fight the good fight of faith.Cheers.

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